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Renovating Your Home in 2022: Things to Know     by   Lydia Colman

01 July 2022

When you travel a lot nowadays, you have a lot of appreciation for different cultures, the way the other cultures live, their art, their decorations, etc...

These Long-Ignored Household Trends Are Suddenly Cool Again     by   Lydia Colman

08 April 2022

Trying to stay on top of the latest trends in home design? These 14 vintage fashion styles are back in style. Popular trends come and go... and then they return. In reality, while each age puts its own stamp on house design, much of what is fashionable today is a throwback to a previous era...

Vintage Bedroom Ideas     by   Lydia Colman

16 March 2022

To create antique bedrooms that are snug, comfortable, and beautifully collected, look to patterns, patinas, and objects from previous eras. Vintage bedrooms that have been thoughtfully furnished blend reused furnishings, uneven patinas, and architectural salvage in unique ways...