Duane Pinta's blog - 2024

From Bland To Grand: The Power Of A Fresh Coat Of Paint     by   Duane Pinta

04 April 2024

We've all been there. The minute you enter the room, it wants for a pinch of life; indeed, it looks somewhat… yes, bland. Perhaps the walls are a dull beige, or the light is a little off-kilter...

Painting Jobs Beyond Homes: Transforming Your Sydney Workplace     by   Duane Pinta

02 April 2024

image presents: Painting Jobs Beyond Homes: Transforming Your Sydney Workplace For decades, I had always thought that only the best house painting companies in Sydney were experts in home interior painting...

Finding the Right Brisbane Painter: Quality Meets Value     by   Duane Pinta

04 March 2024

Staring down a paint job can feel like scaling Mount Coot-tha in thongs. You're not just slapping on some colour; you're investing in your home, the place where fairy bread spills and backyard cricket echoes...

Find Your Perfect Residential Painter: Specialisation Matters     by   Duane Pinta

04 March 2024

Taking a look at those cabinets in my kitchen, the vibrant white paint was looking a little dull and faded. They weren't disintegrating or anything, but bugs and minor scratches left after running into the vacuum cast their appearance of wear and tear...

From Faded to Fab: How Roof Painting Boosts Your Sydney Curb Appeal     by   Duane Pinta

27 February 2024

Sydney's got it all, right? Sun-kissed harbour, iconic landmarks, beaches that stretch for miles...but hold on, what about the star of your own street show? Your roof, that's what! Picture it: you're cruising down your local avenue, admiring the charming terraces, when BAM!...