Laird North's blog - 2024

Cold Showers Got You Down? Quick Hot Water Solutions      by   Laird North

11 April 2024

The truth is, having to wait for the water to heat up during the showers is an annoyance to the relaxing atmosphere. It is more than you can imagine that in those cold winter mornings, a pinch of cold water is enough to give you chills and have you pleading for the warmth of the steam...

Drought Dodgers: Water-Saving Plumbing Hacks for Sydney     by   Laird North

20 February 2024

Sydney summers used to mean endless showers, washing dishes without a care, and that satisfying flush sound. But now, with water restrictions becoming a summer staple, those carefree days seem like a distant dream. Don't worry, though, thirsty Sydneysiders!...