Natalie Bren's blog - 2024

Aluminium Decks: Modern Style, Low Maintenance     by   Natalie Bren

18 April 2024

image presents:Aluminium Decks: Modern Style, Low Maintenance Longing to give your backyard a new look for a stylish and peaceful place of your own? Increase your living space and modify it to like a banquet hall for the guests...

DIY or Pro? Installing Epoxy Floors in Sydney     by   Natalie Bren

09 April 2024

Thinking of revamping your garage or basement with a sleek, durable floor? Ripping out worn-out wood and installing residential epoxy floors is a popular choice for Sydney homeowners. But should you tackle this project yourself, or call in the professionals? This document will put DIY vs...

Is Dubai the Future of Smart Homes?     by   Natalie Bren

08 April 2024

Imagine this: you're scorching on a Dubai summer afternoon, stuck in traffic. But back home, your air conditioner has cleverly whirred to life thanks to a smart system that detects the rising temperature. Stepping inside to cool relief becomes a reality thanks to the magic of home automation...

Don't DIY! Hire a Flooring Pro     by   Natalie Bren

11 March 2024

image presents Don't DIY!...

Concrete Jungle Upgrade: Is Epoxy the King of Commercial Floors?     by   Natalie Bren

09 February 2024

My concrete jungle, a bustling Sydney warehouse buzzing with activity, was starting to show its battle scars. Stained, chipped, and increasingly dusty, the floor was more eyesore than industrial charm. It was time for an upgrade, but the options were as vast as the city skyline itself...

DIY vs. Pro: Install Smarts, Not Screens, In Your Sydney Home     by   Natalie Bren

19 January 2024

The shimmering Sydney skyline might lull you into a sense of security, but let's face it, even paradise has its share of pesky possums and not-so-friendly folks...