BUILD NEWS - Apr 2024

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Park life: why urban green spaces are just as important as natural reserves     by   BUILD

10 April 2024

A study comparing urban greenspaces with natural areas revealed they’re contributing a lot more to ecosystems than previously thought. Could urban parks be offering as much to the health of our ecosystems as natural, pristine reserves do?...

Study suggests Sydney apartment layouts don’t suit families     by   BUILD

09 April 2024

Research into unit layouts reveals most are designed to meet the needs of developers rather than residents. More people in Australia, including families with children, are choosing to live in apartments. But it turns out that new units aren’t necessarily being designed for people living in them...

How to avoid a balcony crisis     by   BUILD

08 April 2024

Balcony damage doesn’t have to be the next big problem. The prospect of a “looming” balcony crisis in Victorian homes has raised concerns but proactive measures can be taken to assess and address potential structural issues before they escalate...

How to elevate your powder room and ensuite with smarter design     by   BUILD

03 April 2024

Bringing beauty into the home through the powder room and ensuite offers the chance for bolder design choices as Aussies love adding a bit of pizzazz to these spaces...