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Off-Grid Energy Australia is a accredited designer and installer of Stand Alone Power and Grid Battery Backup solutions across Australia. Specialising in delivering reliable, cost effective power solutions as an alternative to grid connection.

Off-Grid Energy Australia offers a versatile range of Stand Alone Power products, capable of powering a broad range of medium from small holidays homes to large properties including homes, farms, stations and small businesses, all with the reliability of mains power.

Off-Grid Energy has taken advantage of the considerable advancements in off-grid technology over the past 5 years to engineer a range of high quality, reliable and flexible remote area power systems. OEA's systems comine the highest quality components with innovative battery technology to deliver a solution built to perform under challenging conditions. Our systems are easily scaleable and its as simple as adding any combination of solar panels, wind turbines or fuel generators now or in the future as your needs grow.

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