Home Design Guides: Regulations, Energy efficiency

MEPS and LCA labels

Find out what those labels and symbols on light globes actually mean, and how to interpret them to your advantage.

Daylight through a window

Daylighting requirements

The number of windows in your home and where you put them is restricted by rules designed to ensure a minimum amount of daylight in each part of a home. Find out how this is likely to affect your design.

MEPS label

MEPS labels and ratings for air conditioners

Air conditioners come with labels these days that indicate how efficiently they're able to cool (and to heat, if they're reverse-cycle models). Find out more about these labels and what to look for.

Energy ratings and labels for TVs

Because of the vast differences in power consumption between different display technologies, TVs now come with energy star ratings. Learn how to read the labels, and what to look for.

Does the new energy efficiency legislation over-step the mark?

New energy efficiency legislation is designed to make suppliers more accountable for their actions, but does it go too far? And how does it affect you?

Grey water systems

Just because water from the tap has been used, it doesn't mean it can't be used again. See how grey water systems can help reduce your water waste.