Home Design Guides: Windows, Lighting

Different types of windows

Windows and daylight

The most common and essential form of daylighting in almost all homes, windows play a very big part in lighting design.


Skylights and roof lanterns

Skylights generally allow much more light into a room than windows do, thanks to their access to direct sunlight.

Sawtooth roofs

This traditional daylighting method is mostly used in industrial buildings, but is now making a comeback in homes.

Clerestory windows

Traditionally narrow bands of windows across the tops of buildings, but now seems to include any 'higher-than-average' window.


Transoms and fanlights

These small windows are usually placed above doors, and often allow both improved lighting and ventilation.

Light shelf

Light shelves

Light shelves work on a fairly basic principle. A shelf is installed outside of a window, which reflects additional light back into a room. They are particularly effective for houses where eaves might otherwise reduce the amount of light entering a window at certain times of the day.