BBQ safety advice

There are few things that will ruin a barbecue as quickly as an exploding gas tank... Find out how to ensure that your barbecue is safe and properly maintained.


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Bushfire prone areas

How to create a bushfire resistant garden

Bushfires threaten homes in every Australian state, nearly every summer. Planning your garden carefully and taking a few simple precautions will help reduce the risk of serious fire damage to your home, without affecting its looks.

LED light globe

How to choose LED light globes

The first thing that most people shopping for LED globes notice is the price – they’re usually a bit more wallet-hungry than the compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or the halogen dichroics that you’ll find in many Australian homes.


Types of electrical hardware

Many types of electrical hardware go into your home. Find out what's used, where it's used and what functions it serves.