How to improve insulation in walls

Insulation in walls can make a huge difference to the comfort of your home. Find out how to improve your wall insulation.


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Climate control
Types of ventilation

Types of ventilation

There are many different ways to move air in and out of houses (or parts of houses). Find out more about different vents, and different ways to ventilate a home.


Bore water systems

In some remote locations, it's easier and more economical to pump water out of a ground bore than it is to connect to a water supply network. Find out what's involved, and what sorts of issues need to be considered.


Provincial or country style kitchens

Kitchens in the 'French Provincial' style typically feature white, panelled cabinetry, decorative edging, knobs and handles, light-coloured timber surfaces and other aspects of the style, reminiscent of provincial France.