Instyle - 2021

Go Beyond Blinds and Curtains     by   Nikky

09 March 2021

If you are looking for blinds and shutters in Sydney to decorate the windows of your home, you would by now realize that there is a vast range of options available out there...

Awnings or Shutters: Which One Is Better?     by   Nikky

09 March 2021

Awnings and shutters are both external window coverings that have proven to be very popular among homeowners in the recent past. Awnings come in a variety of types, which can be retractable or stationary...

Top Types of Blinds That Are in Style     by   Nikky

11 February 2021

The window treatments you select for your home can either make or break the look of your home. The type of window coverings you install in your home should enhance the aesthetics of the home, while still being functional...

Why Awnings Are the Perfect Outdoor Window Treatments for Any Home     by   Nikky

09 February 2021

Although we concentrate a lot on indoor window treatments to protect a home from the heat, light and to gain privacy, there are certain outdoor window coverings that give more protection from the harsh sun by covering a window from the outside. Awnings are one such window treatment...

Types of Window Treatments     by   Nikky

22 January 2021

honeycomb blinds Sydney Windows are a very important part of your home, and the way in which you cover them will define the design and style of the home, both it's interior and exterior...

Trending Window Treatment Styles for 2021     by   Nikky

15 January 2021

With so many options of blinds and shutter in Sydney , designers are looking towards bigger open spaces for 2021, and with this better designs and styles for window coverings. So what are the window treatment trends for 2021?...

Everything You Need to Know About Adding Window Awnings     by   Nikky

15 January 2021

Window treatments are a great way of beautifying your home, while at the same time getting protection from the heat, cold, wind and glare, and also for controlling the light and privacy of a room. One very popular type of exterior window treatment is Awnings...

Important Things You Should Know About Blinds     by   Nikky

02 January 2021

Honeycomb Blinds Sydney Blinds have become a very popular type of window treatment due to their affordability and versatility. In addition, they are a low-cost way of enhancing the look of any room, since blinds can be made out of a wide range of materials and colours...

Energy Efficient Window Treatments     by   Nikky

02 January 2021

curtains in Sydney One of the most common purposes of getting window treatments for your home is insulation...

What Is the Difference Between Blinds and Shutters?     by   Nikky

02 January 2021

Honeycomb blinds Sydney If you are looking for window treatments for your home, it can be quite a dilemma choosing the right blinds and shutters in Sydney, with so many types of both these freely available...