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Roy and Sanna are happy empty-nesters and young grandparents. They're both passionate (and unapologetic) Collingwood supporters, they're both mad keen golfers, and they love to spend as much time as possible with their grandchildren.

Roy and Sanna are looking for a seachange, and while a lot of their friends have packed up and committed to travelling around Australia, Roy and Sanna have very different ambitions.

Recently, they sold the family house and moved into temporary digs in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, where they've spent their time carefully planning and preparing for their latest project - a beautiful dream home with sweeping sea views on Melbourne’s stunning Mornington Peninsula.

They both have plenty of experience building and renovating, and have both been involved in building their own homes before. This time around though, they’ll be far more involved in the process.

This blog follows Roy and Sanna’s story as they plan, build and finally move into their Mornington Peninsula dream home.

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