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I am a nature lover. I love to travel all around the world. I am a part time blogger as well, as I love to write on my personal experience. I read a lot and share my thoughts with people through my blogs.

5 Steps to Securely Wall-Mount Your TV     by   Ashley Wilson

24 October 2019

In the good old days, there was no need to install or wall-mount TV, as they were comfortably placed on the TV cabinets; thus, a technician was needed just to install the TV antenna and complete setting up the TV, and finally conduct checks and see if all channels for the region is available and vie...

What Types of Blinds Are Best For Insulation?     by   Ashley Wilson

11 January 2019

Are you aware of the fact that most of your home’s energy is lost through the windows? Research findings indicate that around 25% to 35% of heat loss occurs in your home due to exposed (i.e. uncovered) windows. Well, blinds are a wonderful option to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter...

5 Common solar Pool Myths Busted     by   Ashley Wilson

16 November 2018

Want the cheapest way to heat your pool? Want to extend swimming season in those shoulder seasons? If you’re just starting to research whether a solar pool heater is just what you need for your home in Sydney, this is the perfect place...

Why Choose Custom made bathroom vanities     by   Ashley Wilson

12 July 2018

The bathroom is the space where you spend a good amount of your time preparing for the day ahead so you need your cabinets that are specially designed and constructed to suit your needs...

4 trendy custom kitchen benchtop shapes     by   Ashley Wilson

12 July 2018

When planning your dream kitchen, you want to make sure you have maximum space efficiency and functionality, particularly with your kitchen benchtop. Each space is distinctive but there are some standard configurations that are commonly used. Below are four trendy custom kitchen benchtop shapes. 1...

Essential Scaffolding Safety Tips     by   Ashley Wilson

16 January 2018

Scaffolding workers Safety The safety of the workers is paramount in any type of construction project...

How to Keep Your Furniture Safe in a Self Storage Unit     by   Ashley Wilson

05 January 2018

Storing away your antique possessions and furniture in a storage unit when moving, is one of the difficult tasks. However, storing them is important because furniture can easily end up creating unnecessary clutter...