Adelle King's blog - Jun 2018

As the editor of BUILD I have a keen interest in sustainable housing and new technologies.

Brand new home checklist     by   Adelle King

29 June 2018

Designing and building your own home is an exciting process but it’s one that does take a while, which means by the time the developer hands over the keys all you want to do is settle in...

Tax deductions for home owners     by   Adelle King

27 June 2018

Tax time is coming up and it’s not just landlords or investment property owners who can save money on tax thanks to their assets. As a home owner there are also legitimate deductions you can make that could help put extra cash in your pocket...


Tax deductions for landlords     by   Adelle King

27 June 2018

As the end of the financial year approaches comparison site, has released research into how landlords can minimise personal income tax through deductions...


Beyond six star design     by   Adelle King

18 June 2018

The ‘green’ building revolution is well and truly under way in Australia as construction costs and energy prices continue to increase...

Case study: The Hemp House     by   Adelle King

18 June 2018

Hemp House in Mullumbimby, NSW was designed by Barefoot Sustainable Design to accommodate a small family of 4 and to fit on a small residential block. Industrial hemp, although related to cannabis, is a durable plant that could play a pivotal role in the future of the building sector...

Case study: Kinship      by   Adelle King

14 June 2018

Green buildings, which incorporate the principles of sustainable development are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and now represent 34% of the total share of construction activity in the country, according to Dodge Data and Analytic’s World Green Building Trends 2016 SmartMarket Report ...

Future city skylines     by   Adelle King

12 June 2018

Architecture and technology are advancing rapidly and this is impacting on our cities, changing the way they look and feel. At the same time, urban populations are growing and by 2050 it is predicted that 66% of the world’s population will live in urban areas, compared to 54% today...

Match your fire pit to your garden style      by   Adelle King

06 June 2018

Last month we published a post about the results of the 2018 Adbri Masonry Great Australian Backyard survey that found backyard designs are inspired by holiday destinations including the Hamptons and Japan...


Winterfy your garden      by   Adelle King

04 June 2018

Some gardeners use cold weather as the perfect excuse to take a well-earned break from their garden, however, horticulturist, garden writer and TV presenter Melissa King says there is little downtime for gardeners in winter despite it being a slow growth season...


Winter maintenance     by   Adelle King

01 June 2018

Temperatures are beginning to fall and today marks the first official day of winter for Australians, the season where home maintenance tasks you’ve been putting off become apparent...