Willy Todler's blog - 2024

Reno Refresh: Sydney's Top Bathroom Trends You Need      by   Willy Todler

21 February 2024

Let's be real, staring at those tired tiles is enough to make anyone dream of a spa retreat, right? Well, Sydney homeowners are saying goodbye to the mundane and hello to quality bathroom renovations ! Their washrooms are becoming havens of relaxation and style, but hold on tight!...

Carpenter Crafts Magic: Storage Solutions & Sunshine     by   Willy Todler

07 February 2024

Forget bare walls and dust bunnies! Matt, a talented carpenter in Sydney , transformed my home with an abundance of floating shelves and floor-to-ceiling cabinets. The shelves became vibrant display highways, while the cabinets swallowed clutter and doubled as bedside tables...

Stacked Style: Create Statement Walls with Feature Render     by   Willy Todler

18 January 2024

Let's be honest, mates. Bare walls are the beige undies of interior design – comfy, familiar, but let's face it, a bit boring, eh? But chuck a slab of stacked stone on one of those bad boys, and you've got yourself a serious head-turner without fanging a fortune...