Willy Todler's blog - 2023

Asbestos Alert: Safety During Newcastle House Demolitions     by   Willy Todler

20 December 2023

Dreaming of demolishing that old fibro shack and building your dream home in sunny Newcastle? Hold on a minute, mate! Before you grab a sledgehammer and start swinging, consider the hidden danger lurking beneath the floorboards and behind the peeling wallpaper: asbestos...

Durable Cement Rendering Solutions For Sydney     by   Willy Todler

08 November 2023

When you're a Sydneysider, you know that our city's weather can be a bit like a game of roulette. One day, the sun's rays might scorch everything in sight, and the next, you're racing inside to escape torrential downpours. In this dynamic climate, protecting your home becomes a top priority...

Preventing Concrete Cracks: Vital for Long-Term Maintenance     by   Willy Todler

31 October 2023

Concrete is the cornerstone of our modern infrastructure, providing the foundation for countless structures worldwide. Whether it's a driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, or foundation wall, assuring the integrity of concrete is paramount for the long-term maintenance of any structure...

Wall Crack Repairs in Sydney: A Complete Guide     by   Willy Todler

19 September 2023

Wall cracks, a fairly familiar sight in many Sydney homes, can arise due to various factors including but not limited to settlement, moisture damage, and foundation issues. These imperfections not only mar the aesthetics but can potentially lead to more serious issues down the track...

8 Steps To Acrylic Rendering Your Walls Like A Pro     by   Willy Todler

12 April 2023

Acrylic rendering is a popular technique used to improve the appearance and durability of walls in homes and other buildings. It involves applying a layer of acrylic-based coating onto the surface of a wall, creating a smooth and attractive finish...

Essential Tips For Rendering An Old House     by   Willy Todler

28 February 2023

Are you considering a professional house render service for your older home? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of options out there and don't know where to start? Rendering is an extremely popular choice for homeowners looking to upgrade the appearance of their homes...


Helpful Info About Acrylic Rendering Services You Should Know     by   Willy Todler

20 February 2023

Did you know that exterior walls can be transformed with acrylic rendering? Acrylic rendering services , which typically use a combination of pre-mixed based coatings and sand and cement, offer many benefits...

What Are The Most Common Types Of House Rendering?     by   Willy Todler

14 January 2023

Are you considering having your house render finished? The exquisite finished look and increased home value that comes from well-done rendering make it a worthwhile investment...