Construction Company Startup - 5 Must Haves     by   Derek Lotts

28 February 2018

Considering how many construction companies there are, it can’t be difficult to start one, right? Well, not exactly. Sure, becoming a contractor is not that hard but starting a construction company that rests on solid foundations is far from easy...


Advanced Materials and Technologies for Greener and More Sustainable Construction     by   Derek Lotts

28 February 2018

There was a time when all construction was green. Nomadic people of the steppes relied on felt and wooden yurts as they followed their herds. Archaeologists in Ireland and Galicia are reconstructing Celtic roundhouses which had straw bale and mud walls and literally green roofs...

Smart Home Gadgets for 2018     by   Selby Acoustics

27 February 2018

If you are like most homeowners, you are likely starting to at least dabble into the world of smart home gadgets...

Safety measures through laminated safety glass     by   with glass

26 February 2018

Under any circumstances, safety is always the major priority. Let it be at your apartment or even while going alone for a simple walk, it is always essential to keep yourself safe and secure. But to find the right ways of keeping guarded is a quite crucial task...

Knowing the Difference between a Smart TV and an Android TV     by   Steven Lam

26 February 2018

A sizable number of the population have difficulty understanding the basic differences between various sorts of electronics and for those that are not too tech-savvy, understanding the difference between a smart and an Android television can be quite baffling!...

Bathroom Renovation – 5 Possible Issues     by   Derek Lotts

26 February 2018

Your creative bathroom renovation can quickly turn into a nightmare when you’re not ready for possible problems. Even if you’re really skilled in this type of work, things can get out of hand and you can end up soaked in water because your pipes have burst...


Gold Coast father and son lead construction of The Darling’s infinity edge pool     by   Adelle King

21 February 2018

A Gold Cost father and son duo has completed construction of the new infinity edge pool at The Star Gold Coast's new boutique hotel The Darling...

Importance and Benefits of Wet Hire Services     by   ozinfohub

20 February 2018

When it comes to development and heavy construction, then it is ideal to hire professional services that have been in the industry for years and provide and provide high-quality services...


Site safety and attitudes towards their changes      by   Andrew Bounader

15 February 2018

Home Site for more information Site Safety I entered the building industry 34 years ago last year initially in a sales role since that time almost everything I ever learned or had anything to do with has gone through a period of being reviewed, refined, reinvented, rebranded and/or made bigger or sm...

7 safety considerations for renovating a home     by   Laura Martins

14 February 2018

Renovating your home can be an exciting time. Improving the place you live in to better suit your needs and preferences is a big step, or perhaps you’re aiming to increase the value for its upcoming sale...

Architecture trends of 2018     by   Adelle King

12 February 2018

Modern living is definitely starting to impact how we build our homes and many of the emerging architecture trends this year have been influenced by the increasing integration of technology into our houses...

Small Patio Design: Keep It Functional and Chic     by   Derek Lotts

09 February 2018

If you love to spend time outside, then you probably dream of having a large backyard with a lot of space for al fresco meals, outdoor parties and family gatherings. But, sometimes life doesn’t care about what you want and you end up with a small patio that barely fits your furniture...


Commercial Property Staging – Selling Your Property in Style     by   Ready Track Pty Ltd

09 February 2018

Property staging is not just for homes that people want to sell. It is an excellent service for commercial properties you want to sell as well. Anything from an office building to a store front to a hotel or apartment building can benefit from property staging!...


Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home     by   Derek Lotts

08 February 2018

When it comes to tiny updates and interior ‘refreshments’ – the easiest ones are usually the most effective ones. And even though there are probably hundreds of them, here are the best of the best that can apply to every single home...

Typical Pipe Misconceptions You Are Squandering Your Cash On     by   Plumber Melbourne

07 February 2018

You could have heard it from your mommy, your granny or the granny of your household pal. You do it. We clean up pipes components with water and also hand soap, flush points down the commode if it could be purged...


Fabulous Decking Ideas for Creating Breathtakingly Beautiful Landscape!     by   Albert Clamark

06 February 2018

Whenever you are looking for new ideas to improve the aesthetics of your home, you must always be looking for new ways to add to the landscape around your home...

5 Crucial Architectural Design Management Challenges     by   CAD Outsourcing Services

02 February 2018

Changes have a pattern that regularly disrupts the day to day activities of any organization; and for an architectural firm, wherein there are multiple teams of architects working on a single project, even less number of changes look like so many...

Boral Timber used to transform 90-year old home in Cottesloe     by   Adelle King

01 February 2018

Photo credit: Serena Pearce / Code Lime Photography A 90-year old home in the Perth suburb of Cottesloe that had thought to be beyond repair has been transformed into a family residence using Boral Timber cladding...

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5 tips for getting your investment property home loan approved     by    (not verified)

01 February 2018

By Adam Smith If you're looking to build your investment property portfolio, you're most likely going to need a home loan. Unfortunately, it's a tougher time for property investors these days than it was in the past...