BUILD NEWS - Jul 2022

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Buying from the plans gets VR treatment     by   BUILD

25 July 2022

Montgomery Homes has given viewers the opportunity to visualise every inch of their new property before it is even built, becoming NSW’s first project home builder to offer Virtual Reality tours...

Local tradies work to keep market competitive     by   BUILD

15 July 2022

As Australian households tackle rising living expenses amid increasing inflation rates, local tradie business owners are doing their best to reduce the impact on home improvement costs...

Mortgage holders may need to think twice before fixing rates     by   BUILD

11 July 2022

Mortgage holders considering fixing their home loan interest rate at the current rates on offer may need to think twice before doing so, according to one of the nation’s most awarded mortgage brokers...


Upcycling innovator encourages Aussies to reduce plastic waste     by   BUILD

07 July 2022

Being actively eco-minded can be difficult, with so many micro-decisions made every day regarding ‘plastic-free or convenient’, ‘green or affordable;’… In fact, decision fatigue suggests that making many decisions over a prolonged period of time can be a significant drain on our willpower...


Enjoy the backyard all year round     by   BUILD

05 July 2022

Australia is blessed with a comfortable year-round climate that we’re lucky to enjoy. While that is true, backyard fire pits are fashionable, affordable and practical, and are becoming increasingly popular as we look to use the outdoor space in winter with functional landscaping features...