BUILD NEWS - Dec 2023

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Fixing slippery tiles without replacing them     by   BUILD

18 December 2023

Slippery tiles pose a severe safety hazard that can lead to nasty falls and serious injury. Thankfully, there are practical and affordable options to safety-proof your home from slippery tiles...

S-5! featured in Australian YouTube series and lifestyle TV show     by   BUILD

13 December 2023

S-5! is excited to be part of the YouTube series “James Bought a House" featuring well-known Australian designer, James Treble. The same S-5! project will be featured on a new Channel 9 television lifestyle series "Beyond the Build,” also starring Treble beginning in mid-2024...

Porcelain spreads the home love affair      by   BUILD

12 December 2023

The line between functional kitchen space and chill-out living area is becoming increasingly blurred thanks to the emergence of sophisticated surface materials that exude both luxury and longevity...

Wellbeing and nature: Commercial and residential buildings bringing the outside in      by   BUILD

11 December 2023

With research proving our built environment has a significant effect on our overall well-being, there has been a steady increase in the use of decorative timber in both commercial and residential spaces...

Embrace curves with the DecoBatten 32mm Circular batten     by   BUILD

08 December 2023

DECO Australia is embracing the allure of curves with their latest aluminium batten profile, the DecoBatten 32mm Circular batten cover...

Lapitec Australia launches silica-free sintered stone     by   BUILD

04 December 2023

Specialist manufacturer Lapitec has unveiled the world’s only 100% silica-free stone for kitchen and bathroom benchtops, representing the first completely safe alternative to existing stone materials on the Australian market...