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Electric fan heaters

Convection fan heaters provide instant heat and are very portable. They are also fairly inefficient, and are best suited for short-term use in small rooms.

LED light globe

How to choose LED light globes

The first thing that most people shopping for LED globes notice is the price – they’re usually a bit more wallet-hungry than the compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or the halogen dichroics that you’ll find in many Australian homes.

How pre-handover inspections work

Your house is complete. Everything looks like it’s basically in the right spot, and you’ve been chewing your fingernails down to stumps for the last six months or so in anticipation of moving in.

100+ best movies to show off your home cinema

Want to know what the best movies are to test the limits of your home cinema with? Read one expert's extensive list of movies that will show off what your home theatre is capable of.

How to choose a plot of land

How to choose a block of land

Knowing what to look for when you’re hunting for a plot of land can make a tremendous difference. Find out what you need to look for, and why.

How to get the most out of your solar system

Want to make sure your system's set up at its absolute best, and always giving you as much as possible? Here's a guide to ensuring your solar system's always working its hardest for your home.

Timber Doors - glazing

I'm interested to know whether AS2047, AS 1170.2 apply to glazed timber doors in designated cyclone areas? Building codes stipulate compliance is required with these standards. I understand AS1288 applies, but am uncertain about the other two.

Should AS2047 & AS1170.2 also apply to the same doors in non-cyclone designated areas?

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Question by Langfitt Trading
Should deck grooves go up or down?

Should decking grooves face up or down?

Are they for traction? For looks? To keep the boards dry? Or are they there for a different reason altogether? Find out why decks have grooves, and which way they're supposed to face.