Blinds and Shutters in Sydney - May 2020

Dual Roller Blinds: Things You Need To Know      by   Vision Blinds and Shutters

25 May 2020

If you are looking to get blinds and shutters in Sydney, one of the more popular types is Roller Blinds in Sydney. These days rather than going for the traditional Roller blind, many people are opting for the Dual Roller Blinds Sydney , due to its dual-purpose design...

Best Honeycomb Blinds in Sydney     by   Vision Blinds and Shutters

20 May 2020

Honeycomb blinds in Sydney are ideal for those homes with odd-shaped, or non-standard shaped windows, as they are a very flexible type of blind. Honeycomb blinds Sydney are also referred to as Cellular Blinds...

Different Types of Window Blinds and Their Benefits     by   Vision Blinds and Shutters

17 May 2020

With the hot Australian summer and icy cool winters, everyone is looking for the best window coverings for their homes, and each home’s requirements are very different. There are many types of blinds and shutters in Sydney, but choosing one that is ideal for your requirement can be quite a dilemma...