4 Reasons Why Investing In An Irrigation System Is Worth It

12 July 2021

Many residential and commercial property owners in Australia use water to keep their grasses and landscape fresh. This results in excessive use of water and costs more than the necessary amount. In order to retain the beauty of your landscape and prevent water wastage, investing in irrigation installation in Sydney is a beneficial and cost-effective decision. Irrigation systems provide plenty of benefits along with the required quantity of water for your landscaping needs without wasting a drop. These benefits include; saving time and money, raising the value of your house, and making your lawn shine. 

Earlier, irrigation systems were primary agricultural tools for farmers, but gradually they became popular among homeowners and facility managers because they helped them meet their irrigation needs with a sufficient quantity of water, no matter the size of the landscape. 

According to the research, 2014-15, the agricultural businesses in Australia used 9 million megalitres of water to irrigate 2.1 million hectares of crops and pastures. The water plays a vital role in farm operations and ensures farm crops, pastures and livestock remain viable. This article briefs you about the benefits and types of irrigation systems read on to find out about them.

Types of irrigation systems 

Surface irrigation 

This form of irrigation spreads water across the entire land by gravity without the use of a mechanical pump.

Localised irrigation 

Water is spread under low pressure with the help of a piped network and applied to each plant. 

Drip irrigation 

An irrigation system in which crops of water are delivered near the roots of plants. This requires more maintenance, but the evaporations and runoff are minimized.

Sprinkler irrigation

Water is distributed with the help of high-pressure sprinklers or guns. These sprinklers are centred in such a way that the water reaches every plant possible. This type of irrigation requires high maintenance.  

Centre pivot irrigation 

With this, the water is sprinkled with wheeled towers in a circular motion 

Lateral pivot irrigation 

Water is distributed with a series of pipes and each one of them has a wheel and a set of sprinklers which can be either rolled manually or with an in-built purpose mechanism.  These sprinklers move a certain distance across the field and they need to have a water hose reconnected for distance. This is a low-cost system but requires more labour than others. 

Why is the irrigation system the right choice? 

There are plenty of reasons to get an irrigation system installed in your backyard by contacting irrigation companies or Googling ‘Irrigation companies near me’ know about them from below 


An irrigation system is time-saving. An automated irrigation system saves your time while watering flowers. Instead of wasting time on each and every flower in your yard you can leave the task on the irrigation system and allow them to work for you. 


Overwatering or underwatering can lead you to spend more money than what’s really needed. The automated irrigation system plants only require water which saves money and energy watering your outdoor spaces. This lowers your water bill, which is highly beneficial in summer when lawns need to be watered frequently.  


Apart from saving your time and money it also allows you to relax well and spend more time with your family or friends. The automated irrigation system conveniently waters your lawn at the right time with the right amount of water, which reduces your hassles. This way you can follow your routine at your convenience. 


Smart irrigation system conserves water, uses only in the required quantity, reduces soil erosion and water run-off. The run-off can take away all the pesticides and fertilizers leftovers you may have used. This retains soil stability which ensures cleaner water for animals as soil won’t pollute water bodies through harmful chemicals. 

These are some strong reasons to have an irrigation system in your landscape yard. Some sprinklers can also help you in maintaining synthetic turf i.e. artificial grass installation in Sydney. Just add quick couplers with mechanical hose reels and impact sprinklers, but requires manual efforts to move up and down the sidelines.