7 Plumbing Mistakes That Most Homeowners Make

by ATN
29 March 2023

Plumbing fittings are an essential part of a perfect home with all the facilities. All the draining pipes, equipment and appliances should be fitted well in proper order to match the plumbing requirements. All these appliances and plumbing systems need maintenance with time. However, homeowners make some mistakes that take a heavy toll on their pockets and budget. Ignorance and negligence to drainage or plumbing problems will lead to heavy expenses. You should contact the blocked drain services for proper drain fitting in your home. They have the modern and latest equipment with alternative DIY solutions to your drain problem. 

blocked drain services


Here, you will read about the common mistakes that a homeowner makes and many problems can be easily eradicated by staying aware of such drain problems. 

1.Ignore blocked drains: 

Avoiding or ignoring listening to the basic common signs or indications of drainage problems is the biggest mistake of the homeowner. Blocked drains may create greater disruptions in routine work at home. It includes burst pipes and leakage problems that lead to wastewater and is considered a serious property concern. Contact the professional blocked drain plumber to treat flooding and clogged drains at the initial stage. 

2.No timely plumbing maintenance:

Plumbing systems need maintenance at regular intervals and most homeowners tend to avoid checking and inspecting plumbing systems until major problems occur. It creates unexpected problems with the drain. Ensure to take the services of a plumbing company that schedules visits of a professional plumber at your home. It will assure timely maintenance of the plumbing equipment and heavy appliances. 

3.Flush down the solid or incorrect material:

The drain has narrow pipes or space to pass the liquid waste materials out in the drain through it. If you flush down any solid materials or non-biodegradable waste, it will get collected at the bottom and prevent water flow. Avoid such plumbing mistakes as flush diapers, toys and papers in the drain. 

4. Small leak ignorance:

It may result in huge blunders, you should immediately contact a professional plumber to sort out the small leakage problems. Identify plumbing signs down the drain like hollow vessels, the sound of problems in water flowing down the drain. 

5. Contacting the licensed professional too late:

Licensed professionals detect potential problems in the drainage system and sort them easily with DIY solutions. If you contact them late then the appliances or plumbing problem need heavy repair or replacement that will be quite expensive for you. 

6. Using old appliances past their retirement age:

Many homeowners tend to use heavy-duty appliances past their retirement. The water heaters and washing machines may create problems that can damage the internal drainage system. Problems of burst pipes and leakage may occur due to persisting pressure as it is connected to the drainage system. You should get these appliances checked by professionals and take assistance for the repair or replacement of old appliances. 

7. Avoid looking for external drainage connections:

It is a major plumbing mistake to avoid external drainage connections. You should hire an experienced and professional plumber to check the overall condition of the drainage pipes. They tend to check the gutters and ensure that water is continuously flowing outside through the drainage system. Professional plumbers check the pipes passing through your garden or boundary walls keenly. 

All the above-mentioned points should be taken into consideration for avoiding future plumbing problems. 


The homeowners may make correct decisions by conducting maintenance checkups at regular intervals. It may avoid the chances of emergency drainage services at your home which will be quite convenient. You should not ignore plumbing problems to get a comfortable and problem-free life.