9 Things That Causing Your Toilet To Overflow Or Run Dry

18 December 2022

9 Things That Could Be Causing Your Toilet to Overflow or Run Dry

Have you ever had toilet repairs before? Have you ever had issues with your toilet overflowing or running dry? 

If yes, then chances are that you’re not alone. There are many reasons why toilets overflow and get clogged. This article provides some helpful tips to prevent these problems from happening again.

Toilets are essential parts of our homes; it is human waste management devices that flush away urine and feces. Most toilets are pretty simple, but sometimes they come with their own complications. For instance, sometimes clogged toilets occur when debris gets stuck in the drain system, causing the water level to rise until the overflow tank kicks on, flushing everything out into the bathtub/shower area. If this happens often enough, the system will eventually become blocked. 

There are several things that can cause your toilet to overflow or run dry. Here are ten common causes:

1. Broken tiles

The first thing we need to look at is broken tiles. These are often one of the most common reasons for toilet repairs as it causes flooding, as well as other local plumbing issues. Unfortunately, this plumbing problem isn’t always easy to spot and it can be expensive to repair.

2. Leaking faucet valve

Another common reason for toilet flooding and running dry is an improperly functioning faucet valve. Look for signs of leaking on a daily basis. A leaking tap will let out small amounts of water constantly until it wears down and leaks more. It is important to note that this problem affects both toilets and sinks, so don’t forget about those!

3. Stuck drains

When your sink or toilet drain gets stuck, it won’t allow water to seep through. When the trap becomes blocked, water pressure builds up behind it until it begins to backflow into the home. 

4. Clogged pipes

If your house doesn’t receive enough natural rainfall, then it is likely that your pipes are clogged. The good news is that this problem usually only happens during periods of heavy rain. However, you shouldn’t wait until a storm hits before checking for a potential clog.

5. Burst Pipe

It usually occurs due to blockage in the pipe that causes slow flow and pressure build-up. This can lead to major flooding if untreated.

6. Dirty sink drain

If you notice dirty water around your sink, then your drain might be clogged. Make sure that you keep a close eye on it on a daily basis. If you start noticing that the amount of water slowly increases, then it is time to call in a professional local plumber with years of experience. However, remember that the longer your drain stays clogged, the harder it will become to clear.

7. Leaky roof

One of the most common reasons for toilet flooding and running dries is a leaky roof. Water that falls on a roof tends to run along the surface and soak into the underlying shingles. This can affect the integrity of the roof and cause other problems.

8. Broken down valve

A broken down valve, which is most commonly found on a shower, can cause serious problems. Because of this, you need to make sure that you have a backup plan in case this happens. In addition, you should also consider replacing the valves if they aren’t working correctly.

9. Flush valve

It can be very frustrating when your toilet flushes multiple times and nothing seems to come out. 

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