How To Stay On Top Of A Home Renovation     by   SamNorth

31 July 2020

Our homes are our castles and we want them to be perfect. In 2020, now that we’re spending more time at home than ever before, we are looking to add value, comfort and functionality to our homes. To achieve this, many people are turning to renovations...

Mastering Monochromatic Bathroom Design      by   Anna Hayes

23 July 2020

Single colour interiors are a bold, vibrant choice for any room. Here is how to create a monochromatic bathroom for a dramatic and surprisingly appealing look and feel...

How to Buy The Best Security Screen For Doors     by   Nikky

22 July 2020

If you are thinking of security for your home from intruders, wild animals and insects, your number one priority should be to secure your doors and windows. Doors are the most likely targets of any intruder, and hence providing greater security for your doors should be top most on your list...

How Costly Is Putting Off A Leaking Roof Repair? Read On And Save A Ton Of Money     by   Olive Smith

17 July 2020

Water leaks in the house are three things. Difficult to spot, harming and expensive. A leaky pipe/funnel can cost you a moderate amount to fix...

Are Smart Homes a Good Investment?     by   Crown Security

07 July 2020

Smart homes, and all the associated benefits and gadgets that go with it, are big news right now. And the interest is only set to increase...

Industrial chic in Brisbane     by   Anna Hayes

06 July 2020

The focus was to create kitchen, living and bar/games areas that flowed and were usable as one space yet still defined separately...


02 July 2020

In 2020, Australia saw bushfires that devastated multiple states, and the mission of rebuilding destroyed infrastructure and properties is now slowly beginning. It is more important than ever that professionals and consumers choose safe, compliant building products when building in a BAL FZ area...