Bringing the outside in with moss-covered stone and rich timbers

01 March 2024

Informed by biophilic design, this kitchen and dining space successfully blurs the distinction between the natural world outside and a contemporary, highly functional indoor space, thoughtfully curated from natural, ethically sourced materials.

Natural daylight floods the area, which is dominated by a 5,600mm long island bench crafted in Caesarstone Porcelain Mosstone and a deep, walnut-brown timber cladding. Wall cabinetry echoes this theme, with the Mosstone Porcelain featuring on the rear workbench and splashback, while the timber appears on the full-height cabinetry, alongside handle-less door panels finished in light-reflective Wattyl Powder White.

The choice of these materials is a considered one, it’s a combination found in woods and forests across the planet.  In this case, rich timber sits naturally next to a porcelain surface that emulates a piece of beautifully weathered stone adorned with a mottled layer of mosses in a combination of muted sage and deeper green. Caesarstone Mosstone, in a stone finish, also carries a random patina of iodised impurities and subtle rust veins.

This kitchen, designed by Studio Minosa, demonstrates the power of a few carefully chosen materials to create a space that is not only durable and sustainable but extremely comfortable and relaxing to inhabit.

Caesarstone Porcelain, unveiled in 2022 with a total of 17 designs, is releasing a further eight surfaces in March 2024. Mosstone is just one of them and features Caesarstone’s very latest In-Sync technology, producing seamless design continuity across the slab’s body, surface and edge. This is a welcome addition to the qualities of Caesarstone Porcelain, as benchtop edges will take on similar hues to that of the surface.

Each slab of Caesarstone Porcelain is ethically produced from natural raw ingredients including clay, feldspar and oxides.  With a 12mm profile (with many designs available in a 20mm profile as well), and surface dimensions of 1,600x3,200mm, these larger slabs make the creation of sweeping expanses of joint-free surfaces a welcome reality. 

All Caesarstone Porcelain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, enabling an uninterrupted flow of aesthetics from one area to the other.

In keeping with Caesarstone’s environmental sustainability commitment, Porcelain carries the Greenguard, HPD (Health Product Declaration), LBC Red List Compliance (Living Building Challenge) and Kosher certificates of approval.

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