Building Inspectors In Adelaide, Here’s What You Need To Know

13 July 2021

Building inspections are part of what makes Australia great. Having these regulations in place ensures that buildings meet every requirement and continue to meet the building code and restrictions that have been set for buildings in an area. Unlike many other countries, Australia holds building standards in high regard and it is the due diligence of building inspectors to continue holding up the mantle of building construction standards in Australia.

Improvements to be made to the building code in Australia

As with all industries, there is always something that can be improved. In a recent survey, expats from North America and Europe found that Australian homes could be healthier and more efficient. More than 75% of the participants stated that Australian homes are colder than homes in freezing climates, and that has a lot to say about the insulation levels in Australian homes and how they can better tweak it to increase comfort.

In terms of design, only 25% of respondents were in agreement that the homes in Australia were as aesthetically pleasing as the homes overseas but 45% said that Australian homes had much better look and style. However, aesthetics should take a backseat to the efficiency of keeping a home’s inhabitants comfortable and healthy.

Energy efficiency in Adelaide homes are taking precedence

According to the Southern Australia regulations when it comes to energy efficient homes, there are certain considerations to be had, especially when it comes to the various climate zones in South Australia. Due to this, each zone will have its own specific requirements to meet. Furthermore, concessions may be allowed in certain circumstances such as in homes with a smaller area than 60 square metres and are located in Climate Zone A.

Due to the characteristics of the Southern climate in Australia, ventilation is just as important as thermal insulation. Having a home that is adequately insulated may result in stuffiness if the same care is not given to ventilation. Therefore, proper glazing, ventilation, and air movement are things that need to be taken into consideration, along with renewable energy sources to optimize energy conservation.

Aside from having appropriate insulation and ventilation, there should also be appropriate ductwork and piping, in order to offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Tough climate heralds the toughness of achieving 10 star NatHERS rating

The 10 star NatHERS rating is something that is rising in popularity but it’s notoriously difficult to achieve, and also comes with a hefty price tag. According to a participant in the Living Building Challenge, one development company tried to take recyclable materials and incorporate them into their design in order to minimize on the costs of a 10 star NatHERS rated home, however, the gadgets that are required in order to meet the requirements of a 10 star rating is “ridiculously expensive” to replicate, but achieving a 8.5 or 9 star rating is no longer a pipe dream for those without deep pockets.