Common Causes Of Burst Pipes And How To Prevent Them

25 February 2023

Professional plumber Sydney experts are well aware of the havoc that burst pipes can cause in homes and businesses. Burst pipes not only lead to property damage but also result in high repair costs and increased water bills. Fortunately, it can be prevented if homeowners and business owners take the necessary precautions. In this article, we will explore the common causes of burst pipes and the steps that can be taken to prevent them.

  • Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures are one of the most common culprits of burst pipes. During frigid weather, the water in the pipes can freeze, expand and cause the pipe walls to burst. Similarly, during hot temperatures, the expansion of water due to high temperatures can also cause pipes to burst. The level of water pressure in pipes at risk of corrosion and rust can also contribute to it. To prevent this, maintain safe and safer levels of water pressure by adjusting pressure valves or installing pressure-reducing valves.

  • Botched Installation

Poor installation or shoddy workmanship can also cause pipes to burst. When pipes are not correctly installed, they may rub against cabinets or walls, damaging the pipes. Incorrect installation of pipes, especially plastic pipes, can also lead to pinhole leaks, which, over time, can cause pipe bursts. To prevent this, hire a licensed plumber Sydney specialist for any plumbing jobs, including repairs or installations, and inspect the pipes regularly.

  • Clogged Pipes

Drain clogs, excess water, or buildup in water pressure can also cause burst pipes. If the pipes become clogged, water pressure can build up and lead to bursts. Similarly, if the water pressure regulator is damaged or not functioning correctly, it can cause a steady drip, leading pipes to burst. To prevent this, seal leaks, inspect the pipes regularly, and seek the advice of a reputable plumber for tips on how to prevent clogged pipes.

  • Lack of Insulation

Inadequate insulation or no insulation at all can also cause pipe bursts. Pipes in crawl spaces, exterior walls, or unheated areas of residential buildings are more vulnerable to burst pipes. During cold temperatures, pipes without proper insulation may freeze, causing the water to expand and the pipes to burst. To prevent this, insulate water pipes in moist environments, such as under the sink, and apply heat tape to pipes that are not properly insulated.

  • Additional Precautions

Other preventive measures include installing isolation valves to shut off water sources, especially during plumbing emergencies, and paying attention to water meters, faucets, and water bills. Regular maintenance of plumbing systems and fixtures, including regular drain repairs, can also help prevent burst pipes. Furthermore, installing affordable space heaters in areas prone to freezing, such as floor parlours, can also help prevent it.

Burst pipes can be a major headache for homeowners and business owners alike, leading to significant property damage and repair costs. However, by following the advice of plumber Sydney experts and taking necessary precautions such as proper maintenance, adjustment of pressure valves, and insulation of vulnerable pipes, many burst pipes can be prevented. 

If you do experience it, it's important to seek the help of a licensed and experienced plumber to minimize the damage and ensure that your plumbing system is restored to proper working order.