Common Mistakes When Buying Window Treatments for Your Home

01 July 2021

Choosing the right window treatments for your home can be quite a tedious task, with all those options of styles, types, colours and materials out there, as well as choosing from blinds, shutters, shades, curtains, awnings in Sydney and more. In all the excitement that goes with home decorating and trying to find just the right window treatments, we may get overwhelmed and make mistakes or forget certain important aspects of it, and in the end get disappointed when the end result is not what we expected it to be.

Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when buying window coverings for your home.

Getting your measurements wrong – Your window coverings should fit your window to its exact size, and hence the windows need to be measured to perfection. If you get your measurements wrong, then it would mean that you will get either too small or too big blinds and shutters that will look odd and out of place and moreover their functionality would be lost, and it will be a waste of the money you have invested in them. Sometimes it is better to get a professional, such as someone from the supplier, to come to your home and measure the windows rather you doing it yourself, as they will know how to do it in an accurate manner.

Don’t focus too much on aesthetics – Although aesthetics is important, you should not make it a priority because you get window treatments to serve a purpose and that purpose is not looks alone. For example, curtains in Sydney come in a range of colours and fabrics, but you need to make sure that you choose a fabric that suits your requirement the most, whether you need blackout fabric or a sheer combined with a cotton, and not just looks good. It should serve both purposes.

Don’t forget your existing décor – While aesthetics should not be a priority when selecting your window treatments, you should not forget it altogether. Always ensure that the colours, themes and styles you select match your existing décor, otherwise your window coverings will look very much out of place in the room, and rather than enhance the look of the room, it will decrease its style and the ambiance you were trying to create. Most people forget about their current interior décor when they go to select window treatments and end up with a very odd-looking room, and loads of wasted money.

Not checking actual fabric swatches – Looking at paint colours and fabrics on the computer or on printed matter may differ a great deal from what it actually looks like. If you are selecting colours and fabrics, always look at actual swatches of the paint or fabric before you select something you feel is suitable for your home. Especially when ordering fabric blinds or curtains in Sydney, you should always check swatches provided by the vendor.

Disregarding safety risks – If you have small children and pets at home certain window treatments may pose a safety risk for them with hanging cords and chains used to operate them. A big mistake that most homeowners do is disregarding these risks at the time of selecting their window treatments. If you do have children or pets at home, then remember to order your blinds, curtains or shades with motorized function so that there are no safety hazards in your home.

Don’t consider the general environment where the windows are – The general environment where the widows are in may need special materials or different types of window coverings, hence don’t simply get the same type for every single room of the house, but rather consider the options well and get what is best suited for each different environment. For example, getting timber shutters for a bathroom is a recipe for disaster because natural timber absorbs moisture and will get warped or damaged very quickly, and the best option or such an area is either faux wood or PVC.

Can the existing hardware support the window treatments you want – Make sure that the current frames of your windows and other hardware are strong enough to support your new window coverings. In such an instance it is always best to have your supplier’s experts visit your home and check all these and give you the right recommendations.

Having an open mind – Many people will research about blinds and shutters or even styles of curtains in Sydney before buying the product they want for their home. Researching about the pros and cons of these types is very good, but don’t make up your mind before you even speak to a professional. Keep and open mind and get the best possible information you can from the supplier, from interior decorators and experts before you make your final decision.

One of the best ways to proceed when getting your window coverings is to get expert advice, this is why it is important to go with a well experienced and reputed vendor, who can advise you on all aspects related to the best blinds and shutters suitable for your specific requirements. Always ensure that the window coverings you select are ones that will last some time, otherwise it would just be wasted money if you have to replace them again in just a short time.