A Complete Guide on the Different Types of Houses in Australia

17 November 2019

There are several different types of houses in Australia to supply their 25.20 million residents' needs, tastes, and budgets.

These various home styles are built due to financial demand or an increase in travel; because of post-War influence, or a more contemporary influence now. Each home has its history, and residents (or future residents) have a ton of options when looking to rent or buy their next place.

So, which is right for you?

Choosing your layout may seem like an overwhelming decision, but your true "style" will likely leap off the page for you. You'll either stay in the Colonial era with their brick walls and asymmetrical design, or you'll move into the future with modern and sustainable pre-fabs. Australia provides homeowners with plenty of great choices.

Without further ado, keep reading for a brief look at some of the many home styles you'll find in Australia.

1. Colonial

These large, spacious buildings from the Colonial era (think 1800s design) were built to accommodate farmers, their workers, and their lands.

You can expect open-area layouts that allow for plenty of room within the home, as well as fences that cover an expanse outside. They were made to replicate farmhouses seen in the country.

2. Prefabricated

The housing industry in Australia faced a post-war crisis.

The Commonwealth Government of Australia wanted a smart and affordable way to deal with this issue, and thus, prefabricated houses were born.

These efficient homes were built in the UK and shipped over, featuring ready-made details and structures. They're simple, with pitched roofs, boxy designs, and modest windows.

3. Victorian

Early and mid-Victorian homes are quaint and simple.

They typically sport brick walls, whether decorative or plain, and small picket fences. Their pitched roofs cover modest windows. These homes are practical with an elegant edge to them.

Late-Victorian homes take 'elegant' up a notch.

They're typically highly-decorated, inside and out, with patterned wallpaper, decorative brick, iron fences, and multiple stories. These mansions were built during an economic boom that favoured the wealthy.

4. Queen Anne

Australian architects and homeowners wanted to steer themselves away from the Victorian influence that prevailed in previous years.

They wanted something more Australian—and the result was Queen Anne-style abodes.

Their roofs are much steeper, with deeper-toned brick; they feature embellishments inside and out, like patterned wallpapers and fancy edging on the patio roof.

These homes were the epitome of Australian style during this time.

5. Modern

Sustainable, luxury homes are making waves in Australia!


 For inspiration, check out the offerings from Novus Homes. These homes tower into the skies and provide features like quick build-outs, lots of glass and windows, and even smart, tech-savvy upgrades.

There Are Even More Types of Houses in Australia!

This list touches on some of the more common home styles you'll see when shopping for your new place.

However, keep in mind this list isn't exhaustive. As you look around, you'll find that there are several other types of houses in Australia, all with their own influence, story, and design.

Consider it a good thing—you're likely to find the perfect fit somewhere in this amazing country!

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