DesignBUILD 2018 top picks – Porous Pave

07 May 2018

Porous Pave offers pavers, pavements and grates that allow rainfall and surface water to drain through them, reducing the runoff from paved areas and therefore the need to separate stormwater retention ponds. It also means you can use smaller capacity stormwater pipes.

The products act like stormwater retention basins, enabling the stormwater to infiltrate the soil over a large area. They also facilitate filtering oil and heavy metals in the substrate layers so the water returning to the waterways is cleaner.

We saw a paver, which can be incorporated into concrete paths, driveways and carparks, in action at the expo as part of the DesignBUILD Incubator program. Porous Pave was one of six winning products that was awarded a free stand in the dedicated Incubator pavilion.

The company also has a range of pavements that can helps reduce peak stormwater discharges and flooding in low lying areas, as well as grates that prevent stormwater entry pits from filling up with debris.



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