ERG Developments: Architecting the Future of Egyptian Real Estate

19 January 2024


ERG Developments, under the stewardship of Mr. Mohammed Rezk, emerges as a real estate powerhouse in Egypt, born from the unification of 4 dynamic entities: ERD Developments, Rizk Shipping, and Emaar Timber Import & Export. While its inception traces back to 2005, ERG Developments is anchored in ERD Developments' remarkable footprint in Damietta, Mansoura, and Egypt's New Capital.

This conglomerate has bolstered ERG Developments projects with client confidence through a strategic alliance with the Housing and Development Bank.

Ri8 Compound: A Green Oasis in Egypt's New Capital

Nestled near the heart of the New Capital, Ri8 Compound is a premier project by ERG Development, crafted in partnership with the Housing and Development Bank. This luxurious residential haven, located strategically along the South Bin Zayed Axis, features 34 elegant buildings.

Remarkably, ERG Developments has transformed 92% of Ri8's expanse into lush greenery and serene artificial lakes. The compound boasts a variety of spacious apartments and duplexes for sale, starting at 135 m² and 350 m² respectively, priced attractively.

With the option to book a unit with just a 10% down payment and extended 10-year installments, ERG Real Estate Development has made owning a piece of Ri8 Compound has never been easier. Set for delivery in 2023, Ri8 Compound is not just a residence; it's a retreat into nature's embrace, within the vibrant New Capital.

Monorail Tower: Elevating Urban Living in Egypt's New Capital

In the heart of Egypt's New Capital, the Monorail Tower stands tall in the tourist towers area, a stone's throw away from the monorail station. Monorail Tower is a modern edifice by which Emaar Rezk Group not only epitomizes urban sophistication but also offers panoramic views of the Green River.

Spanning over 12,000 m², the Monorail Tower is a blend of green spaces and contemporary design, comprising a ground floor and 26 upper levels.

Moreover, starting from a modest 30 m², the units presented by Emaar Rezk Group are competitively priced, beginning at 810,000 EGP, with a feasible financial plan requiring only a 10% down payment and extending installments up to 12 years.

Diamond Tower: A Gem in the Heart of New Capital's Downtown

Diamond Tower, one of ERG Developments projects, is a standout structure in the bustling downtown shopping district of Egypt's New Capital. With its prime location, Diamond Tower offers a range of views from major streets to the scenic Central Park.

Diamond Tower, spanning a 5,000 m² area, features an elegant ground floor and 15 additional levels, mirroring the sophistication of its surroundings. Offering units starting at a cozy 20 m², ERG Developments presents an accessible entry point for ownership with prices beginning at 1,100,000 EGP.

In addition, ERG Developments facilitates ownership with extended installment plans stretching up to 12 years, making Diamond Tower an attractive option for those seeking a blend of luxury and convenience in the heart of the city.

Diamond Tower 2: A Sequel of Splendor in New Capital's Heart

Diamond Tower 2 isa testament to modernity strategically positioned at the nexus of Downtown's eastern and western gateways. ERG Developments sets Diamond Tower 2 to be a symphony of diverse opportunities, offering commercial, administrative, medical, and hotel spaces.

Besides, rising elegantly with a ground floor and 15 upper levels over a 5,000 m² area, Diamond Tower 2 is designed to captivate and inspire. The units of Diamond Tower 2, starting from a convenient 23 m², are tailored for those who seek both luxury and investment potential, with the lowest price to buy a unit at 1,960,000 EGP. Complementing its allure, ERG Developments offers flexible financial arrangements, including an extended 12-year installment plan, making Diamond Tower 2 a paragon of accessible elegance in the bustling heart of Egypt's New Capital.

ERG Developments: Pioneering Partnerships and Design Excellence

ERG Developments projects are distinguished as a vanguard in the real estate sector, primarily through the company’s strategic alliance with the Housing and Development Bank, a move that significantly boosts investor confidence.

This partnership cements Emaar Rezk Group's status as a preeminent investment powerhouse. In its pursuit of architectural distinction, ERG Developments has joined forces with renowned designers, including PRIME STUDIO. This collaboration with PRIME STUDIO, known for its work on the Presidential Palace in New Capital, underscores ERG's commitment to delivering projects of exceptional quality and design.

ERG Developments, a part of Emaar Rezk Group, has emerged as a hallmark of excellence in Egypt's real estate industry. ERG Developments projects, including the notable Diamond Towers and Monorail Tower, epitomize architectural brilliance and thoughtful planning. As a trusted name in the field, ERG Developments represents the top of modern living and visionary real estate development.