The five most timeless paint colours

20 May 2024

In a world where trends come and go, the question often asked of one of Australia’s leading paint companies, Wattyl, is what are the most timeless colours for Australian homes? Who are the quiet heroes of the interior space?

It may be surprising but white, pure white, is not the answer.  It’s often too cold and too stark.  Rather, it’s a combination of barely-there neutrals that are each grounded in nature, subtly connected to the earth. These colours mimic those found in the natural landscape, they shift in tone ever so slightly, depending on the natural light, the time of day, the season and also the weather.

Timelessness-in-a-can, according to Wattyl, can be summed up in the following five colours.

Wattyl Kitty Grey

The chameleon.  An easy neutral, not too warm, not too cool, that will reflect and accentuate the natural light within a room.  One moment Kitty Grey will appear as a creamy white, and the next it becomes the softest, palest gray.

Wattyl Sydney Mist

This pale, duck egg blue, Sydney Mist, is both crystalline and calm, reflecting the slightly greyed-off blue of winter skies.  It can change from a stone blue to a soft grey-blue.

Wattyl Chalk Powder

A versatile white that has a hint of grey and works well as a neutral backdrop to artwork and furnishings.  Wattyl Chalk Powder is a favourite for the Minimaluxe style of interior.

Wattyl Westerly

A soft, faded green that exudes tranquillity and serenity, Wattyl Westerly is a muted green that creates a neutral balance within a room, neither too warm nor too cool, creating a versatile backdrop for most interior styles.

Wattyl Arid Land

With its roots firmly in nature, Arid Land is an earthy neutral that brings warmth to south-facing rooms in the cooler months.  It’s a colour that goes with virtually any style of architecture and décor.

Each of these colours creates the perfect canvas for an ever-changing mix of soft furnishings, rugs, throws, artwork and decorative elements.  While never taking centre stage, they will provide understated intrigue in the form of subtle shifts in hue as the light changes, the season moves on.

All paint colours are affected by light, both natural and electric as well as existing decorative materials such as floorboards, rugs and carpets.  For this reason Wattyl recommends testing the colour, on swatches, within the room, over a period of days.  Sample pots can be purchased in-store.

And while colour is a focus for Wattyl, sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact remains a top priority.  Wattyl I.D. Advanced interior paint features an ultra-low VOC formula of less than 1g/l (one of the lowest VOC interior paints on the Australian market)  for better indoor air quality post-painting.

Wattyl I.D Advanced paints are available in a range of sheen levels: Matt, Low Sheen and Satin, along with a supporting ceiling product.  Wattyl I.D Advanced Total Cover Low Sheen recently joined the range, offering exceptional covering power without sacrificing antimicrobial properties. 

To complete the range, Wattyl I.D Advanced Kitchen and Bathroom is a durable interior paint ideal for areas exposed to high humidity and frequent cleaning.

Swatches and sample pots, together with cans of paint, for colours from the new Colour By Wattyl Fandeck can be ordered online by going to

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