A Guide to Safe Home Inspections During Covid-19

22 August 2021

When you are on the market to buy a new home, getting certain inspections done prior to purchasing, is an important part of the entire process. Home inspections in Sydney help you detect any defects or problems in the new home’s structure, roof, foundation, electrical and plumbing system etc, pool inspections in Sydney help you ensure that the swimming pool has got a certificate of conformity adhering to the rules and regulations of the local authorities, and timber pest inspections help you detect any pest infestations that there may be in the new home. All of these are vital for home buyers to be able to make an informed decision regarding their new intended purchase.


However, with all the regulations and rules in place because of the global Covid-19 pandemic that calls for social distancing, limited associations etc, how can you get any of these inspections done while still sticking to the rules and protecting yourself, your family and everyone else involved? Yes, the dangers are every real, because transmissibility of the disease is such that anyone in the near vicinity of an infected person could also get the virus, but lives need to move on in the “new normal” and all we can do is to take precautions and ensure that we do not have close contact with anyone, and follow the rules set by the authorities.


Here are some tips for everyone involved on how they can stay protected, protect others and still get their home inspection done.


For sellers:

-          If you or anyone in the home is feeling ill or is showing symptoms of Covid-19, then it is best to inform the buyer and the inspector and reschedule the inspection. Why take a risk of spreading an infection when you know you can avoid it?

-          It is best not to personally attend the inspection and to keep everyone in the house also away, and simply let the inspector carry on his work. This will minimise any contact you have with people outside your home.

-          Once the inspection is done, wipe down doorhandles, fixtures, switches, toilet handles, and other surfaces with a sanitizing agent. It is best to also mop and clean floors and other areas before you let anyone back into the house.

-          If you are going, wear a mask at all times.


For buyers and real estate agents:

-          If you want to attend the inspection and are feeling ill, then it is best to reschedule it to another date.

-          Overall, it is better not to attend the inspection, but if you really want to be present then go towards the end of it, and make sure to keep your distance from other people.

-          Don’t take little children or anyone else like friends or family with you, and don’t invite any contractors or third-party personnel to attend it, except for the actual required people.

-          Take a bottle of sanitizer with you, and make sure that you use it before you enter the property and once you leave it.

-          Don’t touch anything while you are there.

-          Wear a mask at all times.


For inspectors:

-          If you are feeling ill or showing symptoms of Covid-19, then do not attend the inspection, but reschedule it for a different date, or allocate someone else to do it.

-          Take you own sanitizer, soap, towel and personal protective wear. Never use what someone else provides you at the site.

-          Use the sanitizer before entering the property and once you leave it.

-          Adhere to social distancing rules and regulations and do not have close contact with anyone.

-          Do not shake hands with people at the site.

-          During the inspection, do not touch you face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth.

-          Wash hands regularly after inspecting each room, especially bathrooms, kitchen etc.

-          Keep sanitizing wipes or spray with you at all times, and sanitize doorknobs and other surfaces which you may need to touch during the inspection.

-          Wear a mask at all times.


Adhering to the standards set out with regard to health and safety during these times when there are highly transmissible variants of the disease around, can protect you and your family as well as the other outside parties involved with the home inspection. It is always a good idea to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer or anti-bacterial wipes available in every room, as well as keeping anti-bacterial hand wash in bathrooms and kitchens.


While it is vital that such day-to-day work goes on without a hindrance, during these uncertain times, taking additional precautions is vital for your own safety and the safety of others.