A Guide On Section 27 Statement In Conveyancing

11 May 2022

When you are indulged in real estate, you will often find yourself tied up in paperwork. Those who are new to it can have a tough time managing it. 

Dealing with property laws can eventually be complicated. Therefore, referring to Section 27 and Section 32 can help. It is advisable to contact a conveyancer near me to find pertinent details. 

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What is Section 27?

Initially, Section 27 was referred to as Early Release of Deposit Authority. According to the Section 27 Statement in Conveyancing, the vendors for real estate will need to authorise the deposit for a particular settlement. Nonetheless, maintaining the records for Section 27 can be extremely complicated. Furthermore, individuals who are new to it will also find it challenging. 

Opting for fixed price conveyancing will help in managing the deposit release. Section 27 comes to be extremely handy when the purchaser is dealing in real estate. Keeping a record of documents will help make the property's sale safe and secure. 

The purchaser will need to pay the balance in return for the property's title during the settlement time. The vendor will further give the deposit. The criteria for Section 27 will vary from region to region. Most people use this statement for paying deposits of the money. However, both the properties involved in the property need to ensure that they submit their documents carefully.

When should you serve a Section 27?

Conveyancing in Glen Waverley can be highly complicated. Section 27 can only be served if there is no condition on the property. Therefore, it means that there is an expiring cooling period. 

When you opt for the auction properties, you should know that they remain unconditional only on the day of selling. Therefore, by the given timeframe, the purchaser must fill the payment obligations and buy the land, or they may lose the property.

Is it essential for the vendor to provide a Sector 27 Statement?

Individuals opting for conveyancing in Glen Waverley need to provide a Section 27 Statement. If the vendor gets a deposit early, they will be able to settle the details financially. Filing the Sector 27 Statement will give a competitive edge to the individuals for getting financial assistance even before settlement. 

However, if the individual wants to purchase property before settlement, they may need extra funds. Filing the Sector 27 Statement will help individuals get additional financial assistance.

What details should be disclosed in Section 27 Statement?

When filing for Section 27 Statement, it is crucial to reach out to professionals. Blue Gem Conveyancing can help individuals file for the details accurately. According to professionals, when filing for Section 27 Statement, there is certain information that you must disclose. 

The information that needs to be disclosed includes the following: 

  • If the considered individual has any existing mortgage for a particular property.
  • Particulars for any property within the Transfer of Land Act 1958. 

If any vendor provides false information, they will be found guilty of an offence. Therefore, they may need to pay penalties as well.

Will the deposits get released always?

When opting for fixed price conveyancing, individuals want to know if they will get the deposits released always. However, the deposits will not get released. Nonetheless, before the release of deposits, the individual must ensure that they need to meet certain conditions. If the condition is not met, the purchaser will reject the release of deposit money. 

Some of the common conditions under which the purchaser will object to the deposit being released include:

  • The property does not belong to the plan purchase scheme.
  • The property has a caveat.
  • The contract will both be unconditional.
  • The mortgage gained against the property is significantly approximately 80% of the property's sale price.

How long will it take the deposit money to be released?

If you have filed your documents properly, money will take around 28 days to be released. The Conveyancer verifies the details for authorising the deposit release. The agent will be responsible for managing commission and expenses.

On the other hand, the vendor will be managing the balance. If you are the vendor, you need to ensure that you clear your queries before the money is released.

What risks do the purchasers have?

Providing fake or illegal information regarding Section 27 can pave significant risks for the purchaser. Therefore, it is advisable to hire professionals for conveyancing in Glen Waverley.


If the vendor does not get information about the settlement, the purchaser will not be able to recover money from the vendor.


If you want to file for Section 27 in Conveyancing, you need to contact professionals like Blue Gem Conveyancing. They are professionals and will ensure no error is made while filing for the statement. Not only will they help you save money but time as well. Therefore, Blue Gem Conveyancing will be of great help if you need conveyancing in Glen Waverley.