How to take your home movie night to another level

08 October 2019

Movie Cave

Invest some time and effort into your home movie theatre and take the experience from pedestrian to wow. You’ll never want to leave the house to go to the movies again.

Movie nights are the perfect form of escapism. Create an immersive, luxurious home cinema and experience the full experience without having to leave your home.

Three ways to enhance your home cinema seating

Having home cinema specialists work alongside your interior designers will ensure that you have a perfectly customised set up in place. The right kind of seating for your home theatre is absolutely crucial to the overall experience. Choosing the right seats, the material and recline levels is the first step to a great movie experience. Then, you need to optimise the seating for perfect placement.

Include the right number of seats

You may be tempted to try and add as many seats in your home theatre as possible. After all, your home is going to become the place to be for your kids and the wider family. But for the ideal cinematic experience, you have to have just the right number of  seats for the layout.  

Draw up a plan of your home cinema. Multiply the size of the diagonal screen by 1.6. This is the closest people can sit to easily view the whole screen. Then, multiply the diagonal screen size by three. This is the furtherest away your viewers can sit. For instance, a 50” screen, you don’t want to be any closer than 80” or further away than 150”.

Then devise the viewing angle, which should be no more than 40 degrees from the centre of the screen.
Now sit with your plan and draw in the chair space. What area will your chairs fit in. Take into account leg room in front when the chair ahead is fully reclined. Every row should have an unobstructed view of the screen. This can be achieved by installing risers.

Enhance acoustics with the ideal seat placement

Once you have chosen your seats and decided how many you need, their placement is the next order of business. Think about a few simple things to ensure that the movie viewing experience is enhanced from every seat in the house.

  • Bass response has to be uniform across the room. This is complex and requires professional attention—this is when you should bring your home movie experience to life with an indulgent home theatre from the experts in home theatre seating.
  • All viewers should be more than 120cm away from the surround speakers so that background sounds don’t overwhelm them.

Work on air-conditioning at the design stage

One of the main joys of a cinematic experience is the luxury of good air-conditioning. This is an element that needs to be worked on right at the design stage. Not only does it play an important role in keeping you comfortable during a movie, but also has a significant impact on sound quality and acoustics. Its intensity is closely related to the number of objects in your room as well as the number of people being hosted at any given time.

If you’re in doubt about anything, then find a trusted professional to help. A good home theatre is about putting in some comfortable seats and big screen. A great home theatre takes more work, knowledge and planning.

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