How to Use Organic Compost Effectively in Your Garden?

10 April 2024

Compost is the power food of plants, helping them grow healthy. Without compost the seeds can’t get the nourishment they need to flourish. Thus we can say that this supply is the support of the growing vegetation.

However, when it comes to actually adding compost to the soil, some people might know what to do with it. If you are one of those people, don't worry; this blog is here to guide you.

Here, we will explore various ways to use organic compost to ensure that your garden's vegetation thrives properly.

Organic Compost


5 Ways to Use Compost in Your Garden

  1. To Improve the Soil Nutrient Profile: Compost consists of decomposed plants and other organic waste, which contain many nutrients. When you mix the organic compost in the soil, its nutritional value increases. Also, mixing compost is a good idea if your soil is too loose and unable to hold plant roots and moisture. This is because the compost elevates the density of the soil. Compost can be your garden's saviour, even in the case of soil compaction. This supply can loosen the compacted soil, which helps with better nutrient and water absorption.

  2. Growth Booster for Potted Plants: Spreading some compost over the potted plant can revive the soil. If you find pouring the compost over the soil difficult, then you can take out the plant carefully, pour the compost, and mix it with the soil. Then, you can replant in the pot.

  3. Use Compost as Mulch: Mulching is a process that can help with your gardening project in a number of ways. It basically involves using a material that can improve soil fertility and its ability to retain moisture. Additionally, mulch can help prevent weed growth and improve the appearance of the garden space. There are many types of mulch supplies available, such as cottage and pine bark mulch. You can use these, or if you have extra compost, you can use it in your garden as mulch. However, the compost doesn't have the same ability as regular mulch material. It can only help in moisture retention and improving soil structure. Compost isn't very effective in preventing the growth of unwanted plants. So, it is best that you use a combination of both compost and mulch and spread it all over the desired area.

  4. Compost as a Side or Top Dressing: Do you want to add compost to your garden but hate the work of digging? Then don't worry; some easy ways you can give the goodness of compost to your plants are with top and side dressings. When the garden beds are empty, then it is your time to start spreading a thin layer of compost all over. Then, you just have to wait for rain so that the nutrients from compost seep into the soil properly. In the case of side dressing, you have to pour the compost on the side of the stem of the plant just before it is about to reap fruit, flower, or vegetable.

  5. Make Compost Tea: Apart from putting compost in the soil, you can make tea from it. Yes, you read that right. Compost tea is the beverage that your plants need to thrive and flourish. It is a liquid that acts as a fertiliser for the flora. To make the tea, you need water, a bucket, compost, and a strainer. Mix water and compost in a bucket and set it aside for a few days. However, remember to stir the mixture from time to time. Finally, strain out the compost and keep it for future use. The liquid at the end that you have is the compost tea that you can put in a spray bottle. Just drizzle the compost tea occasionally and see how the plant growth accelerates.

Conclusion: Well, we can say from the above points that compost is a supply that can have multiple uses. So, if you want to create a stunning garden with green grass, tall trees, fresh fruits and vegetables, and vibrant plants, then Blackwood LFS can help you. They provide the best organic compost supplies, which play a pivotal role in gardening and landscaping projects. So, whether you need quality supplies for personal or commercial use, you can contact them to get started.

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