Kohler's taking toilets to the next level of hygiene

17 January 2020

Kohler's ModernLife back to wall Touchless Toilet.

Personal hygiene is a forever growing industry with a many weird and wonderful products out there for the curiously minded.

With bathrooms becoming more and more sensor-driven, Kohler has introduced a Touchless flush toilet suite, the first of its kind on the Australian market, with the sole aim of limiting the transfer of germs from hands to surfaces and back again.

The ModernLife back-to-wall Touchless Flush toilet suite is the next generation in hands-free technology. It incorporates a sensor under the lid of the cistern which is activated by passing a hand over the top of it.

Sound familiar? It is, kind of.

New technology makes this a truly touchless toilet.

But earlier touchless technology relied on a beam-based sensor that could be mistakenly activated by general movement around the toilet.

There are two seat options, the low profile Slim and the sophisticated Elite model that features battery operated deodoriser and an LED night light.

There is also a side push button for manual flush.

The ModernLife has a four-star WELS rating, keeping it well within the new building codes and it is also suitable for retrofits.