Looking For a Checklist When It Comes To Cabinet and Kitchen Door Handles - You Have Come To the Right Place

11 September 2020

Are you renovating your kitchen or planning a new one? In all cases, you need to have a checklist ready to get it done. When planning the checklist, we often forget the minute details that are crucial to daily cooking operations. Kitchen cabinet handles and knobs are as important as the cabinets themselves. 

Cooking in kitchens is a safe operation. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen every day. Therefore, in order to make it simpler for them, it is important to choose the right hardware for your kitchen.

A kitchen cabinet is opened several times a day and should be sturdy enough to pull out a large cabinet or drawer. The handles and knobs for the cabinet should also be chosen in a manner that is simple to manage. Let us see what you need to check before selecting a handle or a knob. 

Kitchen Cabinets Handle Materials 

Kitchen door handles, cabinet handles and knobs are available in different metals such as Nickel, Bronze, Brass, Aluminium, Iron or Wood and so on. Steel handles, knobs, and stainless steel drawers are popular nowadays because they look sleek and at the same time cheap and simple to clean. Aluminium pulls are the cheapest and simplest to mount in the kitchen. Zinc, on the other hand, is non-toxic and readily available. 

Kitchen Cabinets Handle Design

You get a range of designs for kitchen cabinet handles and pulls in the market. It depends on your preference of what type of look you want to give to your kitchen cabinets. You can add iron handles for a retro look, or you can select a traditional bronze design or a more intricate design for an elegant look. Any kitchen hardware you choose must reflect your lifestyle and thus complement the design of your kitchen. 

Shape and Size 

The shape and size of the pull or handle of the cabinet should be determined first. You should feel comfortable while opening or closing the kitchen cabinets. Bin pulls while they look amazing, but you do not feel comfortable using them every day. So first think about the use factor and then make a decision.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs Vs Handles 

When choosing your kitchen cabinet hardware, you first have to determine whether to add a handle or a knob for your kitchen cabinet. Long bar pulls, recessed pulls, flat bar pulls are various types of pulls or handles available on the market. Recessed pulls are becoming the choice for modular kitchen cabinets. 

Then again, kitchen knobs come in a large range, such as glass knobs, backplate knobs, steel or nickel knobs. Cabinet handles are easier to use every day compared to the cabinet or door knobs. However, round knobs offer a complete look to your kitchen, which mostly has flat elements. So you have to decide between comfort and style. 

Kitchen Cabinet Screw 

On the checklist, when we decide on the cabinets and the handles or knobs, we seem to forget about the most important part, the screw.

While there's a tiny little hardware to look at, this is the one that keeps the cabinet and the handle together. When buying kitchen cabinet handles or pulls, you need to check the consistency of the screws. Don't forget about it! 

Handles Products Finish 

The finishing of the material is important. You need to check the polish on the metallic handles or knobs you buy for your modular kitchen. Do you want a polished finish or an antique finish handle? Whatever you choose, it must fit your kitchen. 

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