The Marvel of Master Oak

04 May 2023

 With a look and feel that’s inseparable from real oak but with the durability, sustainability and maintenance benefits of high impact performance surfaces, Master Oak, the award-winning decorative panel from UNLIN, is now available in Australia and New Zealand through distributors, Big River Group.

Introduced with six ready-made designs, four with wood hues and two in uni-colours, the new panelling material offers many options for creative interior design professionals and has a proven ability to perform under a range of applications. Designed to look and feel like natural oak wood but made with high-performance technology, Master Oak is setting a new standard in the world of design.

“It’s Master Oak’s ability to combine performance, design integrity and sustainably in use that makes it an ideal decorative panel to elevate interiors with a high-quality surface finish,” says Stuart McGonagle, Panels Sales and Marketing Manager at Big River Group. Master Oak HPL has many benefits over the real thing. Colourfast for longevity and a timeless look, its multi-texture surface is three times more scratch and stain-resistant than real oak, making it ideal for commercial applications. Its natural appearance is enhanced even more by the different types of pores and depth variations.

At the heart of Master Oak’s impressive true-to-life look and feel is its Timber Touch Technology. Regular HPL and melamine-faced panels only have around three or four depth levels, which limits how much texture can be applied to the surface. Master Oak is made with Timber Touch Technology, which has 64 different depth levels for 20 times more texture than regular structures. This gives Master Oak its impressive feel so that it has the touch of real oak – from rough to smooth and everywhere in between. It also gives a uniquely matt finish that has almost absent shine levels for a natural ‘unfinished’ effect. Along with more colour play and depth, and better sharpness and contrast from its many layers, Master Oak looks exactly like oak.

“Master Oak brings the look and feel of genuine wood with the durability and performance benefits of a surface made with busy commercial interiors in mind,” says Stuart.  

Another strength of Master Oak is that it can be effortlessly pressed to various cores like plywood, MDF and particleboard. This means that it’s well suited to virtually all interior applications, from residential kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and horizontal joinery, commercial furniture and joinery, to shelving, doors and robes, as well as office/shop fittings and wall linings – Master Oak is a prodigious option for commercial and residential projects.

“We’re very honoured to be a distributor of Master Oak. With Timber Touch Technology, UNLIN has pushed the envelope of expectation for authenticity in decorative panels. Emulating the real oak look and performance of an engineered material, Master Oak is truly a masterclass for the future of the panelling industry and in authentic surfaces. Master Oak has recently been recognised on the international stage, winning the Product Design: Responsible Design category at the prestigious DNA Paris Design Awards” says Stuart.  

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