Shut the door on fire danger

26 September 2019

Corinthian's certified doors don't compromise on style.

While doors are an important aesthetic feature of a home, it is important to install the ones that are best suited to the area you live in.

BAL40 doors are primarily designed to protect against ember attack, flame contact and radiant heat from 29KW/m2 through 40KW/m2. For maximum safety, it is best to upgrade the entire door system including door, frame, hinges, seals, handle and lock.

Corinthian Doors, acknowledging the requirements as listed in Australian Standards, has aimed to tackle the issue with its Enviro-seal frames which insulate a home entrance from fire, as well as wind, noise, water and air.

Corinthian's Enviro seal frames.

Corinthian Doors marketing manager Amy Ryan says it is important to install doors in a system with the correct seals as it helps to reduce smoke from entering the home, minimising the effects of smoke inhalation.

The company also offers a range of 15 BAL40 doors in a selection of styles to compliment your home’s aesthetic value.