Smart Sensors

22 November 2017

Smart sensors are the ultimate energy-smart solution for power bill savings, efficient energy use, safety and convenience.

 Installing sensors around your home is an energy-smart solution that’ll keep your power bill down and de-logisticize your life. Sensors that turn both indoor and outdoor lights on and off automatically are the ultimate in hands-free convenience, energy efficiency and safety. Just set and forget.

 Bright Ideas

Switched on people are realising that they can reduce their energy consumption by between 30 and 50 percent simply by having lights on only when they need them. Indoor motion sensors give you a lovely luminescence – automatically. They switch on when they detect human movement (like a spot of dining room dance moves) and then turn off once you’ve left the area. These sensible sensors are a convenient and safety-conscious way to light your home. With sensors installed, you can forget about fumbling around for light switches in the dark like a comic mime. Like magic, your lights will come on automatically, right when you need them. 

Motion Sensor - 180°

Keeping you garage light on all day to avoid coming home in the dark is a waste of energy. Detecting movement from up to 12m away within a 180° field of view, this model automatically turns lights on and off when needed. You can choose from an automatic only or automatic with manual override models.

Indoor Motion Sensor - 360°

The ultimate in comfort and convenience, this adaptable sensor can be used just about anywhere you need an automatic enter-on, exit-off light. Ideal for hallways, toilets, in the ceiling of pantries, walk-in-robes and even in the man cave. The 360° field of view means it picks up on movement from all angles, so you’ll never have to stumble around for a switch, or accidentally leave the lights on (again).

360° PIR Movement Sensor

The new 360° PIR Movement Sensor is a fantastic energy-saving lighting solution that provides instant lighting when motion is detected and turns off after a pre-set amount of time. Install one in your bathroom, toilet, hallway or walk-in wardrobe and you’ll wonder how you were left in the dark for so long. 

Out of The Dark

A light on out the front is a dead giveaway that no one’s home. On the other hand, leaving it off can be just as dangerous as you’re forced to scramble for your keys in the pitch black. Outdoor motion sensors will bring you out of the dark, lighting up only when required for convenience, safety and energy savings.

IP66 Weatherproof Motion Sensor

For increased safety and visibility near entry ways, garages, toilet blocks, schools, small businesses or commercial premises, the IP66 Weatherproof Motion Sensor can be installed on ceilings, under eaves or wall-mounted. 

Toran LED Floodlight with Motion Sensor

The Toran has become a popular option for lighting up suburban gardens, thanks to its impressive, highly directional output. Producing an incredible 1700 lumens (almost the equivalent of a 100W incandescent bulb) from just 20W, it’s a clever choice for energy efficiency and savings. It swivels both vertically and horizontally and has an adjustable head for 180° flexibility to light up your garage, driveway or backyard in style.

Sika LED Floodlight with Sensor Series

This bright, energy saving lighting is a modern take on the famous floodlight, with a simple design that easily complements any style of décor. Not only does it switch on automatically at signs of movement, it also swivels to detect motion up to 12m away within a 180° field of view. This sophisticated and convenient floodlight is custom designed for safety and security.

With numerous options to auto-illuminate your home, choose the best model to make your life easy. Leave your dark nights behind and instead, install a motion-sensitive option. HPM will light up your life with whichever smart sensor makes sense. 

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