Three reno hacks to add size and value to your bathroom

20 February 2024

This year, Aussies are looking for the best tips and tricks to create bigger bathrooms for less, and many renovators are looking to make these spaces look even larger so that they can get the best return for liveability and value.

It’s widely accepted that giving your bathroom a facelift adds not only space, comfort and beauty to your home but also adds a little more cash into your pocket when it comes time to sell up. 

Beaumont Tiles product specialist Michelle Kearney says creating an airy and fresh bathroom can come from updating select features and laying tiles in particular patterns, all of which will have guests swooning.

“There are plenty of tricks that you can employ using tile placement, colour and light to make your smaller space appear just that bit bigger. Things like utilising natural lighting or installing a wall hung vanity can bring a beautiful aesthetic."

To help make your home more livable foand more lavish when it comes selling, here are Michelle's top three reno hacks to add size and value to a bathroom.

1. Creating space with tiles

With many Aussies having smaller bathrooms there are plenty of ways that tiles can be used to create an illusion of space so that renovators don’t have to increase its footprint by knocking down walls.  

“Tiles increase space in a big way. By installing subway tiles vertically from floor to ceiling you can make the space look taller with a tile like the Voyage White Gloss range or you could make the room seem longer by installing larger scale tiles in a horizontal lay," Michelle says.

In addition, choosing one tile for both your walls and floors will give the bathroom a seamless and spacious feeling, with utlilising a lighter tones as a means to make the bathroom seem larger by reflecting more light, according to Michelle. 

2. Consider light for a better layout

Bathroom renovators who think carefully about bathroom layout in relation to natural or artificial light can create a glamorous space that seems bigger than it really is because when light reflects off multiple surfaces it creates a feeling of openness.

Michelle says if a bathroom has a source of natural light, like a window or a skylight, it is cares to map its surrounding space it if you want it to look larger. Adding a large artificial light source will also have the same effect if the bathroom doesn't have natural light.

“Make sure that bathroom features, like the shower or cabinetry, don’t block the main source of natural light and allow the light to cover as much of the room as possible, this will keep things bright and expansive as it shows off the beauty of the space," she says.

“Mirrors can be your best friend when renovating and by installing one like Miro LED Mirror opposite the main source of light, it will reflect it and create an impression of spaciousness and luxury.”

3. Add some standout features

Updating a few lavish features can often be the best way to go when renovating a bathroom as it can make the space look larger and bring value to what you already have whether that’s through replacing tapware, adding a new bath or a new vanity.

“Adding features like a gorgeous floating vanity can make a space appear much larger, while adding new tapware without changing the plumbing with a range like HAUS25 brushed copper can increase value quickly as it creates a beautiful uniformity in the bathroom that will give everything a facelift,” Michelle says. 

Michelle says she finds one of the best ways to add value is by including a bath in a reno, as they are a luxury feature.

“There are plenty of small baths like the Cosmo Free Standing Bath which are made for squishier spaces but are taller than your average bath meaning you can still enjoy a full body soak.”

She adds: “What’s great is that these features don’t have to be updated all at once. Instead, they can be updated throughout the year so you can maximise your bathroom’s value without breaking the bank.”

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