Tiles to go the extra mile in 2020

28 January 2020

Australian tile and bathroom-ware company Beaumont Tiles has outlined three key tiling trends that they expect to lead the way in tiling in 2020.

Beaumont’s strategic designers predict that this year’s tile styles will draw influence from ecology with colour palettes and styling evolving from the aqueous patinas dominant in 2019. Deep greens and organically inspired styling were on display at the Cersaie Trade Fair in Bologna late last year.

Beamont Tiles has unveiled three styles it expects to be a big hit in 2020.


Beaumont Tiles’ strategic designer Christie Woods says: “The environment and the world around us are at the forefront of many people’s minds, and this in a design sense has translated into the colours and the materials predicted to trend [...] 2020 speaks to our connection with nature and explores the playful movement of foliage and greenery.”

Christie says the Cersaie forecast alluded to big, bold and multidimensional tiles that make ‘hero statements’ as opposed to being supporting acts. Terazzo, concrete and emulated stone feature widely in these grand sizes.

Stones and Slabs

The ‘bigger is better’ mantra continues in 2020 with the slab tile trend gaining momentum with no hint of slowing down.

Christie says: “Slab tile hues are warming to greige – a style which combines grey and beige earthy tones of tan, taupe and brown also making a strong appearance.”

Expect a considerable increase in the number of natural stone slab tiles.

“Slab tiles are our one to watch in 2020 and well worth taking specialist tools and training required, as they have a multitude of applications across both commercial and residential projects.”

Beaumont Tiles' wall and floor tiles.

Shine on Terrazzo

Terrazzo’s deign and tones have grown and developed over the past two years into a broad range ensuring that no matter what previous conceptions were, 2020 looks set to be the year of Terrazzo.

Christie says that developments in glazing technology have allowed manufacturers to develop the most visually appealing variations of terrazzo to date.

“The new style of glaze manufacturing accentuates random aggregate chips with a gloss finish. This means that the tiles sparkle and shine as you move around, and are perfect for open plan areas.”

Tiling samples from Beaumont Tiles

Green hues dominate

Vibrant greens and tropical patinas are the shades that will take over in Summer 2020 styling with pastels still out in force too.

Christie says that palette direction is brining broader social consciousness around the environment to the fore.

“From tropical palm prints, through to leaves and even birds reflect a broader social desire for connection to the natural environment – these are great styles to recommend to clients who are unsure of where to take their renovation’s look for 2020.”

Soft pinks, tonal blues and rustic oranges were other colours predominantly used to bring spaces to life in lieu of green. Shades of warming brown neutrals balanced the colour palette for those who prefer understated elegance.

Christie adds: “Moroccan and Bedouin decorative styles in 200x200 again referenced nature with symmetrical leaf designs and abstract floral patterns, tying into the organic forecast again.”