We've come a long way...

14 January 2020

Hamptons style homes have become popular in Australia.

Home design and inspiration has never been easier than it is today, with access to millions of ideas literally sitting in the palm of your hand.

Advanced building techniques and materials mean that you can take homes previously restricted certain climates and locations, and recreate them almost anywhere in the world.

But Australia has always borrowed from across the world, even back to 100 years ago when two movements, from the US and Europe made an equally big impact in the southern hemisphere.

The Californian bungalow design captured American glamour through glazing and spacious verandas, while the European Art Deco movement brought simple, clean shapes and an easy aesthetic that defined the next decade.

Today, the American influence remains with the Hamptons style homes being a firm favourite in the Australian architecture catalogue. Its traditional blue and white has been adapted for the Australian landscape according to James Hardie ambassador Natalee Bowen.

“We’re more informal than the ‘high society’ Americans that created the look and that will come through more in the next decade.”

It’s a look that will continue to evolve well into the 2030s, she said.