What Benefits Does Tree Mulching Have To Your Garden?

23 September 2022

What Benefits Does Tree Mulching Have To Your Garden?

 While you may have heard that tree mulching is a good way to help your garden grow healthier, what exactly does it do? This article will explain all about how tree mulching services benefit your garden! 

Ever wonder why trees look green when they're growing during the summertime, but turn brown or grey later in the year? The answer lies in the concept of tree mulching. 

Mulched trees act much as grass does – they need fertilizer and sunlight to grow properly. The tree and plant also benefit from being watered frequently throughout the year. As a result, they require less water to survive. 

When fallen leaves cover the ground beneath them, however, moisture drains away because they block the soil below. This causes roots to rot and eventually leads to death. In order to prevent this, you should consider using artificial turf in your yard instead.

Tree mulch provides several benefits to your garden, including preventing the growth of weeds, reducing the risk of disease, improving root growth, and keeping leaf debris off the ground. If you want to see these benefits for yourself, it's time to start.

Tree and shrub care is important to homeowners who want lush greenery year-round. Mulching is essential for this purpose because many trees and shrubs require protection from harsh winter temperatures and excessive moisture. But mulch may also offer benefits beyond simply keeping your tree trunk and bushes alive. 

Green waste includes yard trimmings, leaves, grass clippings, wood chipping, paper, cardboard, plastic, rags and any other organic material that can be composted in an open pile or placed in a garbage bin for collection.

How mulching can help improve the soil and health of your plants

  • Improves Soil Health - By covering the ground around your trees with leaves, bark, pine straw, composted manure, etc., you create an environment where nutrients are left undisturbed by rain so they don't wash away and become unavailable to your plants.

  • Reduces Disease Risk - One of the biggest problems facing today’s gardens is diseases like powdery mildew, which spreads through infected plant tissues. Leaf litter has high levels of organic matter and helps keep soil bacteria healthy, resulting in fewer chances for disease.

  • Grows Healthy Roots - Mulching also helps protect against soil compaction, as well as provides a stable surface for roots to grow upon.

  • Keep Leaves Off Ground - Fallen leaves and other types of vegetative debris often harbour dangerous insect pests like aphids, mealybugs, and Japanese beetles. By creating a barrier between your plant bed and the soil, mulching prevents the insects from feeding on your foliage, leading to a reduction in their population.

  • Keeps Grasses Out Of Garden Beds - Grass is not only unsightly; it also grows into your flowerbeds and makes walking through your garden difficult. Mulching reduces the amount of grass that can invade your flowerbeds, making it easier to mow your lawn and maintain beautiful, weed-free landscaping.

  • Provides Better Water Retention - Mulching allows excess water to accumulate in the top few inches of soil rather than soaking down, allowing your plants to drink up to 50% more water than if there was no mulch at all.

  • Provides Fertile Environment For Plant Growth - Mulch prevents seeds from drying out and keeps the earth warmer and drier. It's ideal for germinating seeds, helping them to thrive.

  • Prevents Weeds From Growing - Because mulch limits the amount of sunlight available to weeds, the plants are unable to thrive. Instead, they grow slower and die before their seedlings even take hold.

  • Protects Against Drought Stress - Mulched areas can retain more rainwater during extreme weather conditions, meaning that plants get more sunlight and therefore more nutrients. This protects them from drought stress and improves overall plant performance.

  • Lowers Costs - Mulching costs less than mowing. In fact, mulching is actually cheaper than some other methods of maintaining yard space, such as fertilizing or pesticides.

  • Makes Gardening More Fun - If you enjoy spending time outside, gardening can be one of the most rewarding experiences. The best part? You don't have to do anything but sit back and relax while the work gets done!

  • Organic Mulches Are Good For The Earth. Organic mulches generally come from wood chippers or sawdust mixed with other materials such as peat moss or fertilizer. They usually contain natural substances that can help feed your plants. A layer of mulch will decompose over several years, releasing nutrients back into the soil where they can nourish new growth.

If you're unsure what to do hiring a tree mulching service is highly recommended. They offer different services such as tree removal, tree prune, stump removal, stump grinding and more. You can ask for a free quote before the project. 

If you'd like to see what kind of results you'll achieve with mulching, try searching for tree mulching online.