4 Helpful Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

01 December 2017

Making your home kitchen look roomy from being too small and crammed neither have to be too streneous to mount nor cost heftily. You will need to keep in mind just a few tricks to create extra room in your kitchen or create the illusion of a bigger kitchen space than you have right now.

Here are four tips to make your small kitchen look ‘bigger’ without adding square footage and compromising a sense of personality:

Choose Shallow Cabinets

Get a functional layout with a spacious kitchen vibe by eliminating counter clutters and lower cabinets. Another top-notch step to take is by removing gargantuan hardware and replacing them with kitchen benchtops, which is a space-saver, thus helping make your kitchen looks bigger and homey.

Choose kitchen benchtops that appear slimmer because they subtly helps in making your kitchen look spacious because it can give fewer little items to bump into or get into anybody else’s clothing. Consider placing this appliance in one area that will be just right for everyday items but offers a bit more floor space.

Kitchen Benchtop


Select Sleek Appliances

Many appliance manufacturers today consider the different ways household owners want their kitchen to look like and appear. You can now enjoy the same luxuries afforded by high-efficiency appliances that previously will only fit a large kitchen in your small kitchen. The only important thing to consider is wisely choosing which appliances are best buy and will not compromise your ideal small kitchen look.

Natural and Ambient Lighting Helps

One way that you can mount to ensure that your kitchen achieve a spacious and roomy feel visually is through having skylight. Such portion will help open up the ceiling to more light and raise the portion of the ceiling.

Another lighting method that helps create an open feel could be through the bay and greenhouse windows. When you mix natural light with ambient and task lighting, you can achieve the same spacious feeling during the night.


Save valuable counter space by keeping your appliances, such as cooktop, oven and kitchen benchtops in the same area. You can also consider having your microwaves built into the cabinetry while keeping the other smaller appliances stored in either an appliance garage or a pantry. Through this approach, you can maintain a clutter-free kitchenspace.

All these tips are not final and not in anyway should limit your personality. You can of course still display small, simple items so long as they don’t create a feel of clutter. But having too many displays will only make your already-crammed kitchen look much smaller. The right balance of items, however, can provide an illusion of a sturdier space.