6 Most Profitable Mobile Application Ideas for 2020

29 February 2024

The overall population of the world currently is a little over 7 billion, out of which almost 50% i.e. 3.5 billion people use mobile phones. These 3.5 billion people use different kinds of mobile applications to communicate, get informed, buy/sell, explore, search, text, entertain, organize and boost productivity. Mobile applications are vital for smartphones since they are the little packages of codes and data that get these jobs done and make our lives simpler.

Billions of users have more than tens of millions of applications from which they can choose to download the ones they require. All these stats convey just one thing- the mobile applications market is vast and there is always scope to add more to it. With the increasing penetration of the internet, the frequency of mobile app downloads has climbed higher. App development too has evolved with technologies like web based applications and on-line apps that get updated in real time.. Earlier limitations of internet connectivity are quickly withering away paving way for a completely new era of modern mobile applications. A little creativity, intuitive thinking and tapping the need of customers lands you at the right place in the mobile application market.

With such a massive marketplace and intense competition, only creativity and a unique approach can make you stand out from the crowd. You need ideas that have the ability to click with the user. There are already several apps for everything, but if you work on ideas which have been less explored, users will download your app at an incredible speed. What are these ideas? Well, don’t worry about that as we have done the thinking part for you. Read below as we discuss 6 powerful mobile application ideas in the year 2020. Now, all you have to do is visualize and build an app.

6 Awesome Mobile App Ideas in 2020:

1. The Next Gen Gaming Applications: You would be surprised to know that mobile gaming occupies more than 50% of the total overall gaming market and 76% of mobile application market revenue. These stats speak for themselves and there is hardly any need to say that mobile gaming is HUGE. Mobile game development takes time and efforts but pays off really well since you don’t have to work on marketing it much if it’s good and engaging. A few things to keep in mind when developing a game for mobile phone are:

  • It should be engaging: The game should be gripping and engaging for the player. Nobody wants to play a slow, boring and drab game. Make it interesting enough to keep the players hooked.
  • Make it challenging for the players: The game should present challenges to the players and should not be easy to complete. Difficulty levels, several playing modes and a complex gameplay can help you accomplish this.
  • Interactive gameplay for collaboration: Mobile gaming has gone to the next level, players collaborate and communicate with each other, completing in-game missions in teams. So, make it collaborative and interactive for players.
  • Addictive multiplayer gameplay: Real-time multiplayer gameplay allows users to play with their friends. Mobile gamers are tired of playing against the computer and they crave human challenges.

2. Scan & Buy Apps, thinking beyond eCommerce: There are so many eCommerce mobile apps out there that if you even manage to make a great one, it will be like dropping a coin in the ocean. You would never find it again! Think out of the box, think unique. A lot of times people look at a product that they like and want to buy it but don’t know what to look for. Apps that let users scan an object and then search and buy it online are in demand. Think how you can make it easy for the consumer and you have won this game.

3. Song Finder Apps: An app that lets you find and download a song by recognizing its tune or from a part of the lyrics is something that many are looking for. Especially music lovers would go crazy for such applications as it often irritates them to remember hearing a song they liked but not being able to search or listen to it later on.

4. Color code/paint code detector: Color detecting apps that instantly recognize a color on the wall are very useful. Especially if you had to paint a small portion of your wall but you didn’t know which shade of your wall color to buy. Such apps can come in handy during situations like these, they can detect and instantly allow you to place order of the desired paint color right from the mobile application.

5. Resume/CV Creator Apps: There are a lot of websites and software which come with templates that allow you to create a resume. A mobile application that does the same thing is comparatively new and has a lot of potential. A mobile app with templates that allow one to generate visually attractive resumes on the go will be widely downloaded as it has a lot of scope. No more getting rejected in interviews due to a poor resume! Solve their problem and you’ve won again.

Mobile applications are here to stay, they are used on tablets and other small gadgets too. The market as mentioned earlier is vast and tremendously expanding. On top of that, groundbreaking technologies are enabling developers to build better apps every day. This is the perfect time to pipeline some great creative ideas of mobile application development. Jump in now to get the most out of this opportunity.

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