ANZ projects make a splash at Dulux Colour Awards     by   Anna Hayes

21 October 2020

A number of Australian and New Zealand residential projects were awarded or commended at the recent Dulux Colour Awards, which praised that entrants for a new level of innovative and considered use of colour. More than 450 entries were received across six categories of architecture and design...


Trends in Window Treatments     by   Nikky

21 October 2020

vertical blinds Sydney Many people all over the world are considering many novel options when they want to make their living or working spaces look better. There are plenty of great options which can be considered when one needs to make improvements to the house...

Home Electrical Faults You Should Be Aware Of     by   My Construction Corp

21 October 2020

Electrical faults can be a big danger to a household. All measures to avoid and maintain faults must be taken to avoid a dangerous situation such as house fires or electrical shock. Here are a few home electrical faults that you should be aware of. 1...


Build Faster with DecoBatten™ Space Base     by   DECO Australia

20 October 2020

Introducing the Space Base, the effortless new design solution by DecoBatten™...

Ways to Create Safer Homes With Smart Technology and Other Safety Precautions     by   Craig Lebrau

19 October 2020

Home security is getting better and better with the evolution of smart homes. There are many aspects to consider when looking at options such as: effectiveness, longevity and reliability. There are options to protect the interior and exterior of homes from dangers...

Top Tips for Choosing Best Bathroom Basins for a New Bathroom     by   Helmex International Bathroom, Kitchen & Laundry

19 October 2020

Sorting out a design for bathroom basins online has always been tensity as people cannot decide which to choose, and that’s how they spend lots of money on the random basin...

6 DIY Furniture For A Rustic Designed Home     by   Midinmod

17 October 2020

A rustic styled home is a type of design that emphasizes on rugged and natural beauty. It holds a nature-simulated structure with earthy and simple colors, and ultimately an honest, natural warmth. Rustic designs bring up the essence of your home from outdoors to indoors...

How Can The Bathroom Basin Add Elegance To The Luxurious Bathroom?     by   Helmex International Bathroom, Kitchen & Laundry

16 October 2020

Helmex is the website where you can find the best designs of basins for kitchen and wall mounted basin . We have many different designs and one of the top sellers is under mount basin that is available online...

Protect your Home in High RIsk bushfire & flood areas by building with Steel.     by   AirBNB Management

16 October 2020

Bush Fires are natural phenomenon caused by several factors but are often wind-driven. The deadliest ones often happen overnight. And just like any disaster, you can never really tell when it’s going to strike...

Window Coverings for Your Home Office     by   Adam Larn

15 October 2020

Your home office should be a comfortable environment, where you can work and think without any outside distractions. It should be a properly lit space, but there shouldn’t be too much glare either, especially if you are working on computers...

Why You Should Consider Solar Panels On The Sunshine Coast     by   Olive Smith

14 October 2020

Solar solutions are gaining popularity day-by-day. Especially in a country like Australia, where it's always sunny and bright. People prefer to switch to solar solutions as it has few advantages that allow you to save money while helping the environment...

Benefits of Engineered Timber Flooring for your Renovation     by   Michael S

14 October 2020

So you are considering a home renovation after hearing about the government's $25,000 HomeBuilder grant and have been meaning to change the flooring in your home. Here we will build a case for why Engineered Timber flooring is the best option to choose when renovating your home or apartment...


Shutters on Windows: Everything You Need to Know     by   Nikky

13 October 2020

Roller Shutters in Sydney When considering blinds and shutters in Sydney, one of the more popular types of window treatments in terms of style and durability are shutters. Shutters encompass chic design, sophistication, elegance, and style...

The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist That Saves You From Humongous Bills     by   suny khurana

12 October 2020

Your home is a reflection of you. As your safe place to seek solace from the outer world, it does need maintenance from time to time. Instead of waiting for things to go haywire, why not be preemptive in your approach? Why not take care of stuff before they break down?...

Industry leaders respond to Budget     by   Anna Hayes

12 October 2020

Budget will help people to get on the property ladder. Both the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and Master Builders Australia have welcomed the latest Budget, stating that it will incentivise home building and help the national recovery...

Causes of Basement Moisture and How to Fix Them     by   Elison Evan

10 October 2020

Basement moisture is a very common problem. But what causes it? Basements are notoriously damp and dark places. Most often, moisture in a basement is nothing to worry about. In some cases, however, it can be bad news for homeowners and lead to bigger problems...

How to Use Stone Pavers For Your Patio     by   Marble Plus

09 October 2020

It's a more difficult task when building or setting up a patio. So, you have to decide where you exactly want it, how to make it, and most significantly, what type of stone design to use. Because there are so many designs and options available in the market, choosing the right one can be difficult...

Ways to catch interior design excellence     by   Algedra Interior Design

09 October 2020

Interior design is an art and science of enhancing a building beautiness and layout; it is far beyond meaning that a home just has two rooms into one place with simple adorned zone, which it should be considered all space is a whole by knowing that two rooms are never truly the same...

Need to know about Granite benchtops becomes more popular     by   Gitani Stone

09 October 2020

Granite is the most popular material for the kitchen benchtops, Kitchen, and bathroom floor. courtesy the volcanoes! This is a volcanic rock that is made from the lava flows after cooling and becoming thick and hard over time...

Landscape Design: 8 Ways How 3D Can Transform Our Cities     by   Sushmita Roy

08 October 2020

Creating the perfect landscape design can be exciting. You will find a lot of ideas online that can help you shape your dream project. However, there are certain things to take care of if you want to make it a success...