DECO: The DIY friendly option     by   DECO

24 April 2019

Budget is an important consideration when it comes to building or renovating a home. This means that homeowners are constantly seeking cost-effective solutions to fit within their budget...

Everything You Need To Know About the Double Glazes Doors - A Complete Guide     by   Nicole Smith

23 April 2019

A house that can save energy is the most comfortable house and efficient one also. That does not mean that you just make your home cool or hot. However, for that, you should increase the energy efficiency and you can save money as well...

The art in building the perfect home     by   Craig Lebrau

17 April 2019

When it comes to home building, there is a lot to be said for treating it like something of an art form. Our homes are our most personal spaces, and as such they should ultimately also be out most expressive, fine-tuned environments...

The excitement of building a home from the ground up     by   Craig Lebrau

17 April 2019

There is perhaps nothing as thrilling as building your own home. There is something fantastic about seeing your vision for your home come to life in front of you. There is the excitement of initially making the decision to build a home, that gets the ball rolling in the first place...

How to create THE Outdoor Room for your home     by   Patioland Pty Ltd

17 April 2019

The seasons have started to turn, the mornings a little more chilly but that doesn’t mean you can’t create an Outdoor Room or alfresco area that you can use comfortably all year round, even in Winter. So, how do you achieve something like that?? Start by selecting the right roofing materials...

Can Darker Laminated Doors Work in Your Kitchen?     by   Adam Smith

16 April 2019

When you consider your choices for kitchen doors, there are a lot of options to choose from. Conventional thinking would dictate a plain wooden or Laminex doors painted in white, but bold kitchen designers can do a lot with darker colours...


French, Sliding, Hinged or Bi-Fold Doors? A Go-To-Guide to Selecting The Right Doors for Your Home     by

15 April 2019

Who knew choosing a door for your home could involve so many choices! Need help choosing the right one for your home or apartment? A door is not just a door. Each home is unique in itself and requires different needs, depending on who is living in them. At the end of the day, there are no rules...


Top 6 Benefits of Permeable Paving You Must Know     by   ozinfohub

11 April 2019

Permeable Paving Taking care of the environment is essential especially amid the depletion of the underground water storages. Waters levels are going really low and the heat effect of global warming is causing more problems...

Dos and don'ts of interior design     by   Emma Marie

10 April 2019

What is Interior Design? It is an art of enhancing the appearance of the space by making it more appealing and pleasing. And it is done by an interior designer, the one who plans, researchers, co-ordinates and handles the entire project...

Facts Every Own Homeowner Should Know About Sump Pumps     by   Michael McQueen

09 April 2019

Flooded roadway When the flood comes , your initial steps include the usage of a sump pump in it. It might not be able to prevent the water from coming in but can help to pump the water out of that specific place...

Which Are The Different Types Of Windows You Can Select?     by   Weatherall Windows

09 April 2019

Why do we keep the windows in our home? Just for ventilation? Maybe! But with proper air circulation, we also want it to be styled and ideally located...

How Will I Choose The Right Window For My Home?     by   Nicole Smith

09 April 2019

As a homeowner, we pour our all the efforts to make the home look stylish and beautiful. For the better selection, we always scroll down many websites to find out the double glazed windows Melbourne as they are the trendy for the current market according to the well-known interior designers...

Drawers vs. Cupboards, Which is Best for Your Kitchen?      by   Adam Smith

03 April 2019

As custom kitchen cabinet makers , we are often called upon to design kitchens for our clients. This is always an interesting challenge because there are as many different kitchen visions as there are kitchen users...


Do You Have a Leak in Your Air Conditioning?     by   Lance Ibreeze

29 March 2019

When they think about air conditioning Mandurah homeowners may not be too concerned as we reach the end of another cooling season. But, this is actually the ideal time to assess how our AC systems have performed and carry out some vital maintenance...


How to Save Money with a New Hot Water System     by   Sapphire Trade Services

27 March 2019

Are you taking your Hot Water System for granted? Your Hot Water System is the engine of your home. It is responsible for heating water for showers, washing dishes and washing clothes but did you know it contributes to almost 30% of your home’s energy bill each month...

Lighting Design Tips for Your Small House     by   Derek Lotts

22 March 2019

Everyone who has a small house knows the struggles of lighting the space properly. Light fixtures for small spaces are not easy to choose while natural light is minimal. But, not everything is so bleak. Here are a few lighting design tips that will bring light to your small house...


Materials For Kitchen Benchtops Homeowners Should Consider     by   Adam Smith

20 March 2019

Your kitchen is very likely to be the most frequently used in your home. Unfortunately, this means that it is also likely to be the most abused, so your bench tops need to be up to the task of your kitchen demands...


The Benefits of Laminated Kitchen Doors     by   Adam Smith

19 March 2019

When it comes to understanding your kitchen and choosing the best way to decorate it, sometimes it can be useful to gain further insight into the material available to you. Understanding the options of material available to you could help you to identify what sort of kitchen you want to build...


Common Plumbing Repairs Every House Needs     by   Emma Sneddon

19 March 2019

Every homeowner in Melbourne knows that keeping and maintaining your home’s plumbing system in good working order will save you money in the long term...

Want to Install a Home Fireplace? 7 Things to Keep in Mind     by   luckyhomeimprovement

18 March 2019

7 Things to Remember When Installing a Fireplace An indoor fireplace for your home can improve your life in a number of ways. You’ll have a direct source of radiant heat in winter, keeping you warm...