How to select the correct tile for any space     by   BUILD

16 February 2022

Deciding to renovate your home is exciting, and when it comes to tiles, knowing what to select, where to install them, and how to make your vision come to life is priceless...

5 Things To Consider While Looking For Electrician Services     by   FutureServices

16 February 2022

The nervous system of your working or living space is electrical circuitry and wiring. Circuitry problems arise frequently, and you must address them as soon as possible if you want to continue living securely...

Outdoor living trends for 2022     by   BUILD

15 February 2022

Over the past two years, how we relate to, interact with and use every day spaces has been reimagined. From where we work, to how we travel and shop, to the ways and frequency with which we use the indoor and outdoor spaces of our homes, much has changed...

Caesarstone unleases Whitelight brilliance     by   BUILD

14 February 2022

Caesarstone has created a new collection of eight surfaces, designed to keep up with the ever-evolving kitchen space. Featuring four previous best-selling finishes, plus four new creations, ‘Whitelight’ is an inspiring mix of refined materials and a kaleidoscope of colour...

Simplicity the key to the house of 2022     by   BUILD

11 February 2022

Closed borders, lockdowns, and working from home for much of 2021 increasingly helped Australians identify where they want to live and what they want from their homes...

Conserve and use storm water by creating a rain garden     by   BUILD

10 February 2022

With the wet La Nina summer weather predicted to continue into February and March, now is a great time to explore ways of capturing and using rain water before it gets lost in storm drains and adds to pollution in waterways...

Top tips for renovating your bathroom     by   BUILD

09 February 2022

Extra time spent in our homes during lockdowns has highlighted a new wish list for many homeowners...

Wattyl wants to colour your (outdoor) world     by   BUILD

08 February 2022

Paint brand, Wattyl has relaunched its iconic exterior paint range – Solagard – with a new colour collection, to reflect emerging trends in architecture and design. Solagard has introduced 82 new colours to its range of 138 hues – including 15 Colorbond shades...

Brickworks launches Aussie-inspired masonry range     by   BUILD

07 February 2022

Australian building product manufacturer, Brickworks, has announced the GB Veneer Arcadia, a masonry range inspired by the rich and diverse Australian landscape...

People in glass houses…should be so lucky!     by   BUILD

04 February 2022

All pics: Adam Gibson Located remotely on the rugged Tasman Peninsula, the Koonya Pavilion is recognised internationally as a uniquely Tasmanian response to the great glass houses of history...

Jump online to discover ‘what’s my style?’     by   BUILD

03 February 2022

Styling your perfect dream home can make you the envy of the street and add significant value to your home. But the abundance of interior design styles trending on the world stage can overwhelm even the most discerning home renovators...

BuildHer Collective shares tips for a modern renovation     by   BUILD

02 February 2022

Over the past two years, our perspectives on how we live in our homes and use our living space have changed, and this shift has influenced home renovations, which have risen to record highs with Australians spending over $2bn a month on renovations and additions in 2021...


CSR Gyprock shares design trends for 2022     by   BUILD

01 February 2022

‘There is no place like home’, a phrase that resonates more than ever in the wake of the last two years and while we are rejoicing in a little more freedom lately, creating a beautiful and tranquil home remains key for Australian homeowners in 2022...


A 'Very Peri' Colour of the Year     by   BUILD

31 January 2022

Pantone, the global colour authority, has announced its Colour of the Year 2022 – VERY PERI. A dynamic periwinkle blue with vibrant violet red undertones, Pantone describes this choice as a direct response to the transformative, ever-changing times we are living in...


Four easy ways to save water this summer     by   BUILD

28 January 2022

Conserving water in the hot summer months need not be a full-time job as Australia’s water experts, Nylex, urges us to change the way we water with its new ReTH!NKrange...

Add a new dimension to your bathroom     by   BUILD

27 January 2022

The bathroom, traditionally functional space, is fast emerging as a state-of-the-art sanctuary surrounded by innovation, technology, and connectivity...

Signs of Roof Leakage during Building Inspection     by   White Building Reports

24 January 2022

The roof is one of the largest parts of the house but it is usually given the least attention. Most of the time while offering building inspection, we focus too much on the interior design, furniture and garden landscapes...

The Different Types of Insulating Glass Units     by   Beijing Northtech Glass Co., Ltd

26 November 2021

Strong, resilient and with perfect thermal and acoustic insulation properties, insulating glass is already in use in applications around the world, from domestic dwellings to large buildings. Its unique design structure makes it an ideal glazing material and a product with strong growth prospects...


Make your space stand out with Slate Tiles     by   Stone Depot

25 November 2021

Thinking of an alternate way to bring your indoor and outdoor space to life? Slate Tiles is an underrated option that can transform your space effortlessly. The metamorphic rock has fine grains of clay and volcanic ash that form beautiful and tough layers...

Three ways to renovate a bathroom on a budget     by   BUILD

24 November 2021

Giving your bathroom a new lease on life doesn't have to break the bank! As many DIY experts will tell you, even the smallest changes can instantly refresh a space!...